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As you all know, I just love the whole sharing of postcards and any kind of snail mail thing....I'm making buddies all over the world!  I recently heard from Kat Sloma at Kat Eye Studio and she's holding her postcard swap again this summer.  You can sign up any time starting now and it closes in August.  I participated last summer (think it was my first mail swap) and received some delightful p/c.  She runs hers a little differently, so click through and check it out if you'd like to receive some fun snail mail.

Here's the lastest batch of goodies I've received:

Misty from Pen Thief (she has an interesting page showing some of the more truly creative items she's received through the mail - it really is worth a look) sent me an actual letter with hand decorated envelope and a couple of goodies tucked in with her note.

From Karen, and below from Corrine

From IUOMA and Postcrossing swaps:

Mail Sent:

For the Flutterbye swap, before it closed.  Karen has moved it to Mail Me Some Art.

These went to my IA swap partners - hope they've received them by now!


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Wonderful in and out, you are soooo busy. I managed to get my swaps out yesterday so they will be on time, but took no photos, ah , well next time.....xox

  2. Yay! I have one of those... thanks Terrie... they are all lovely. I posted you a little something from Oz... but who knows when you'll get it. I hope soon.

  3. Hi Terrie! I just got my postcard from you today!!! It's wonderful, thank you so much!! You've received some wonderful pieces. I'm so enjoying sending and receiving art mail. So many techniques and ideas to share with so many parts of the world... Thanks again! xx

  4. Yes... "what fun, what fun, what fun!!" :]
    I also, was a participate in Kat's postcard swap last year.
    There is such wonderful talent and art floating around the post office. Must make them smile.
    Thank you for sharing the cards you have received and the links to follow.
    Take care, Terrie.


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