snail mail

I've rediscovered the pleasures of snail mail.  I've made new friends; I've made and sent art; I use recycled papers, cardboard and more to make postcards; I look forward to checking my mailbox every day.  I'm sending out some snail mail love tomorrow (none of these are my IA cards....they're going out soon).

If you'd like to send and receive your very own mail art, watch for the occasional postcard swap or ask someone whose blog you follow if they'd like to trade mail art and exchange addresses privately.  Also, you can explore and join IUOMA (international union of mail artists - it's free) which is a site that's been around for years connecting people who enjoy the art of mail art.  Flutterbye is another site that will have occasional art/postcard mail art swaps (generously managed by Karen at IamRushmore), so register and join the art swap group there.  Currently you can join a postcard swap, an ATC swap and/or an art tag swap - sign up by May 25.  I always love sharing mail art (from anywhere in the world) and if you're interested in swapping, email me or leave a comment and let's exchange addresses.

ED:  I've also shared this with Artists in Blogland - no challenges here, we just want to see what you've been working on - easy, easy!


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Karen is taking on the challenge and I am having so much fun like you in seeing what can be created. These are wonderful collage's Terrie. Looking forward to more swaps! xox

  2. Yes, semding and receiving mail are always highlights! I didn't get you as swap partner, but if you send me your snail-mail addy - my mail addy is on my blogger profile - I will gladly send you a card! Valerie

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions Terrie! I admit I found Swap Bot a bit overhauling and was going to ask you for help navigating it. I'll check these out too. And thanks so much for the recommendation on my WOYWW post. I'll check out Julie's blog this evening. xx

    1. Goodness! I forgot to say how fabulous your postcards are! The purple one looks like one I'd make :-) Love the man resting in the grass in his suit. Such a peaceful image.

  4. Terrie, your work is gorgeous. The recipients of these cards are lucky indeed.

  5. those are great cards. everyone needs their art friends, indeed! to think that just a year ago I never got any mail at all. Now I have handmade treasures on a daily basis. It's wonderful! Thanks for mentioning the swaps - the more people we have the better the swapping.

  6. Terrie, these look great! You inspired me to do the 5 postcard swap! I signed up in late April. Yours look like they are done! I have to get moving. I have two done (actually blogged them today!) and three to go:) I have received one postcard so far from a very early bird:) Looking forward to the other four:)
    Take care,Fran T

  7. Such wonderful variety!!! What a great way to share creativity!!

  8. Dear Terrie

    Thank you for visiting me at Create With Joy - I am SO delighted to meet you!
    I have had a blast exploring your blog and love your work!

    I host a weekly, week-long creative blog party called Inspire Me Monday that I'd like to invite you to attend - this post would be a PERFECT share (as well as anything else you'd like to contribute!) The party is now open so please stop by and join the fun!

    Have a wonderful week and continue to:

    Create With Joy


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