art room reorg

I came home from work last Thursday all jazzed to rearrange and reorganize my art room.  Obviously my subconscious had been working at it for a while because I'd been needing more table top and storage space but didn't have any idea on how to make that happen.  Now, since I'm an interior designer you'd think I could space plan a little better - but it's often harder when you're your own client, right?

Anyway, I was finally struck with inspiration - I came home and pulled out the trusty tape measure then started to work.  I emptied out the whole room (so I could clean while I was at it!) except for the bank of shelves along one wall that's just too heavy.  Here's the 'before' which you might have seen from previous WOYWW entries.

You can see my work table is in the middle of the room, putting my back to the windows and light so my table was often in shadow.  I had a few TV trays serving as stacking space for papers.  Now......

Table in front of window (much better), papers to my right and overflow supplies on my left in the bookcase.  I've got frames, canvases and tablets leaning against the wall - there's about 3' behind the bookcase.

Then, my brilliant idea!  I have this computer desk overhead that we weren't using and was just in the garage collecting dust.  I enlisted hubby to help bring it upstairs (whew!) and it makes a perfect, accessible, long stackable surface for whatever papers or supplies are going into the current project!

To the left, or behind me if I'm facing my work table, is the wall of gorilla shelves.....

Bins, books, card making supplies, jewelry supplies, floral supplies and family games all reside here and now are grouped together instead of willy nilly on the shelves. Oh yeah, the room does have a closet and yep, it's full of stuff too - we outfitted it with those wire shelves and I have more magazines, paper, books and random supplies in there.  Truly, I need to stop collecting and start making!  (but the collecting is so much fun!)

So, all this reorganization has definitely inspired and refocused me and it's SUCH a pleasure to walk into the room and get busy.  I'm still fine tuning where things work best and sometimes can't remember where I tucked something, but that's minor.  The hard part is over; let the fun begin!


  1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how envious I am of all of your space and delicious looking goodies right now. If the AB pages I just saw on your other post are any indication, the new space is just as inspiring as you hoped--enjoy!!

  2. Just read your comment on my post. 20 years of working in the dining room? You've most certainly earned it and look at the beautiful work it allows you to create! Heck, I'd take over the whole offio if a certain husband of mine would let me! :-)

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Wow, looks good, it's amazing how a little light can make all the difference isn't it. Looks like you also created more space for your mind to wander. xox

  4. Wow! You did a wonderful job! The see-thru bins are great so you don't have to open everything to find what you are looking for--I use them for beads. I'm with you the collecting is so much fun, but I need to start using some of it up, too!


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