a little digital art

I'm working on a 365 photo/day project trying to improve my photography skills. Sometimes I like to take those images and tweak them in PSE and these are my recent efforts. I think they both came out quite well using textures and blending, erasing, etc. Time consuming, but fun!

Postcard Swap

As if I didn't have enough to do! But this sounds so intriguing and workable. This postcard swap is hosted by Kat at Kat's Eye View - the premise is to create 5 postcards, send to Kat and you'll get 5 postcards from other artists around the world. The sign up deadline is Saturday, June 4 so there's still time if you're interested. Visit her here for more details Kat's Eye View


stamp heaven

I went to yard sales Friday and found a treasure trove of ephemera - the estate sale had tons of letters and postcards that had been saved and lots of postage stamps. I mean LOTS! I picked up over 200 stamps from all over the world dating from the late 50's through the 60's. I glued some in my journal and used my fave new Inktense pencils and a little zentangle to embellish the page. I'm so excited to use these stamps in my collages!!


beachy scene

I watched a Susie Short video on creating skies with watercolor so this is my first attempt to use some of her techniques. It was fun and made for so much more interest than my usual graded washes. Though I'm certainly not practiced at painting water, I kinda liked how this turned out. As with everything I paint, I can find lots of amatuerish things, but that just means I have room to improve, right?

Today is Paint Party Friday and if you'd like to see more great art in a wide range of styles, click through - you'll be amazed!

I am SO frustrated - like many of you I've not been able to comment on other blogs so don't think I'm being rude by not responding - I just can't. I'll keep trying. I went to their help blog and apparently it's been a problem for several days. Hope it's fixed for tomorrow - if not, I'll check everyone out over the weekend. Happy painting!


today's journal

Yesterday I got 2 new goodies - a book about hand lettering from Amazon with some fun alpha ideas and a small set of Inktense pencils. Of course, I had to play last night and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE these pencils. They are like watercolor pencils, only better because the color stays so intense after applying water. Using my water brush, they're easy to shade (see the T & X). I just got the 12 pack but that's still 12 times the fun!

My journal page shows a little playing with a new, curvy alpha and a bright border colored in with my new pencils. I'll try something a little more polished soon but I had to share this bit of fun.............


Inchie -solitude

My solitary moments are often spent curled up with a good book. Although I certainly don't need solitude to read, it's a nice bonus. To see other artist interpretations of the prompt "solitude", click on over to Every Inchie Monday....


tools of creativity

One of my other creative endeavors is participating in a 365 photo/day project. I'm on day 141. The 'theme' for today is tools and as I was contemplating how to portray tools like a hammer or saw, I realized that I don't have any connection to those kinds of tools. My connection is to tools of creativity, so I pulled out my art journal and paints to illustrate my "tools".

I've never kept a diary or journal of any kind. Although I like writing (I have 2 other blogs that fulfill that need), I never felt the need to chronicle my thoughts and feelings. I still don't in the traditional sense of a diary. However, after seeing all the art journals proliferating through blog land, I have been inspired to be more specific, more controlled in working with my sketchbook.

I don't have a natural ability to draw - I took a couple of architectural classes in pursuing my interior design degree, so it gives me a slight understanding of perspectives, but it's definitely a beginner understanding. Consequently, I always am hyper critical of my sketching efforts and often times don't feel that my sad drawings look anything like what I'm trying to capture.

Now I'm trying to push past that natural critical eye and draw anyway ... how else am I going to improve, right? And one way that I'm making that kind of more fun (instead of a scary chore), is to make my sketchbook an art journal. Now I'm enjoying the freedom to put more than just sketches, but also include whimsical doodles, an occasional note or memory, new technique experiments, etc.

This will be FUN!

I went to a Strathmore paper presentation and attendees were given some ATC cards to experiment on with Inktense pencils and a watercolor brush - here are a couple of my efforts.


journal work

I did some painting in my newly started art journal this week. I keep trying to be looser and more interpretive with my watercoloring. This time I added the ink after the painting because the loose shapes seemed too undefined. I kind of like the way they turned out.

Summer = sunshine, palm trees swaying, turquoise colored water in the Caribbean or Tahiti (I didn't even have to pull out my photos to remember those colors!)

I wanted to try each orientation and different sky ideas. Plus one is 'sandy' and one is 'grassy' :)

You can see more great artwork at the PPF (Paint Party Friday) linkups.


fancy inchie

My second inchie (actually made 2) is on blue felt, a touch of lace, a row of beads, a bit of glam. I actually had to find a needle and thread to put this one together! :) Can't wait to see everyone else's inchies - you can see them too at Every Inchie Monday.

Bird collage finished

I finished this collage today - it's been in the works for weeks. And I had a frame idea from a book "Collage Journeys". I cut 2 pieces of foam core, covered them with this textured handmade paper and it made a great looking frame appropriate to the subject of my collage. I'm pleased with how it all turned out....guess it was worth the wait.


PPF - paint party

I'm trying to teach myself watercolors and have been working on it off and on for a couple years. I used this worksheet to explore different edges and wash techniques with a simple shape I knew I could draw/paint.

I'm playing in the Paint Party Friday for the first time. I really enjoy seeing what others are painting/creating - it's inspiring.


Are these done?

These 9x6" collages have been in progress for a while - add a little something every now and then as I want to try a new technique or material or just have an idea of what to add. It's hard to tell when they're done. I guess if I find myself thinking.....it's missing a little something - here - then it's probably not done.

Feel like the one above needs more of a focal point, stronger message/connection.

Think the one above is close to done - I have a framing idea that I think will be cool.

This is another one I'm quite liking but not sure if it's done. I like the bolder use of color and I tried out my own hand made stencil to good effect. I'm thinking to add a beaded element and call it good.

Although I like some parts of this, I'm not totally in love with it. What's missing?

some new beginnings

I spent some time starting a few more experimental, learning collage bases. Working on being freer adding paint doodles, etc. and covering most of the watercolor paper with text/music so I'm not starting with a white piece of paper. These are 4x6 size.

Added a few things to the one below, starting to build the texture. The jigsaw pieces are from a yard sale find last weekend and the stamping is using stamps I made from found objects.

Will show some progress on these soon. Still have several in progress, so need to focus. I realize they would come together more quickly if I had a particular theme or plan or message instead of just randomly starting. I need to look at each of these at this stage and either find something I want to communicate or determine that they're exercises in learning a specific technique.....


Inchie Monday - Pink

So, here's a new one. In my blogland art wanderings yesterday I found many sites devoted to "inchies". This is the creation of a tiny piece of art, painting, collage but in a 1" square format. I was impressed by what people had done, so felt inspired to give it a try. There is a weekly theme to help serve as inspiration - this week is pink.

I found a scrap of a pink flower, covered it with pink tissue paper and added ribbon and beads - very simple. You seriously need to visit some of the others to see what can really be done in only an inch and you can see them in the comments here: Every Inchie Monday

Remember, this little gem is only 1" square! I may go back and try my hand at past themes.....



May is national scrapbooking month. Who would know that except ardent crafters? Although my scrapbooking efforts have been only digital, I love using the supplies for other projects. All those gorgeous papers, stamps and goodies just waiting to be part of a collage!

I went through a period a couple years ago where I scanned in all my old photos (thousands!) and then started digitally scrapbooking the best ones. As I think back on it, it's kind of like preliminary collage efforts.