artful alphas

After taking Joanne Sharpe's first Lettering Love class (open forever so I can go back and review the videos whenever...), I signed up for her second class as well - Artful Alphabets.  We'll be learning 25 alphas over 5 weeks....I'm moving a little slowly - I think she's on alpha 10 and I'm only on 5, but I like that I can proceed at my own pace - the videos will always be there.

She starts off very basic (won't bother showing you those) then starts building and encouraging us to show some flair.

The cursive alpha is one that seems to have given others trouble, but since I still use most of the cursive letters in my writing, it wasn't too tough.  The hard part is to connect them all and not lift the pen.  Hmmm

Take our print alpha and fatten one segment, then add doodles - she shows 4 but encourages us to experiment....Here are my trials.

Take your own print and thicken it up.  Then I tried some phrases.

Still need work, but fun so far.....  (I'm sure you can join Joanne's class at any time - she makes each alpha easy with a video and PDF).

I'm sharing this with Artists in Blogland Saturday roundup and also Creative Every Day.  This week I worked on my lettering, on my photography (IA words prompt), my ALAW project using Zentangles, and shared progress in my altered book.  A fun week!


  1. These look like fun exercises. :) I should try it and prettify my handwriting. :)

  2. Looks like you are having fun. I remember doing things like this at school in art class, too! Valerie

  3. Sure looks fun. Lot of imagination too. Would love to try 'coz I 'm not too good with it.

  4. You are starting off with very nice handwriting. Thanks for sharing these techniques, they're great for the journal.

  5. Great job! That looks like so much fun....
    I'd love to have creative lettering.....I really like your alpha4


  6. OMG Terrie, these are FABULOUS!! Seeing this lovely lettering makes me wanna take the class. I've always LOVED hand lettering and yours is already beautiful. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  7. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Wow, these are amazing. Lefty weirdness has always prevented me from beautiful penmanship, oh well, can do everything. Yes, your cursive is nice, thanks for the card. xox

  8. Looks like great fun Terrie. I'm still (slowly) working my way through Letter Love 101 so haven't signed up for this second class...yet. Joanne is so good!!

  9. Those are really great! I did the class too. It was a good one! Thanks for sharing with AIB.

  10. I so want to take a class in lettering. I have terrible penmanship, looks like a 5 year old writing. Your letters are very inspiring.

  11. You have just reminded me of what fun I had doing "lettering" when I was young. I practised a lot and did beautiful (i thought it was anyway) lettering in my primary school projects. My writing in class got very good marks - but only for the subject of "Writing". My hand writing was and is illegible. You have inspired me to play around with letters. Thank you.


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