texture tues: watercolor

Kim Klassen's popular Texture Tuesday has the theme "watercolor" using either her Let Go or Oh My texture this week.  I took the theme very literally and chose one of my watercolor paintings from last year to experiment with.

Original painting:

I added the posterize PSE filter then added Kim's Let Go texture at pin light blending mode, 65% opacity.

Exploring further, I tried duplicating my image and adding sumi to the posterize, same KK texture.

It made the scene so much more stormy feeling, don't you think?  Below I changed only the filter to overlay and look at the dramatic difference in feeling!
This is why the whole field of digital art is so engrossing!  Each click brings an entirely different viewpoint to the same original image and there are SO many possibilities.

One more....original painting:

I was practicing my mountain profile edges.... Then I added Kim's Oh My texture, soft light 75%.

Then I added some PSE filters - ink outlines and water paper to see if it would give a more painterly effect.

So there's my filter and texture play for today..... Be sure to visit Kim's to see all the talented digital artists.


  1. Your paintings are beautiful on their own, but the digital transformations are amazing! I love Photoshop!

  2. So Terrie, I'm curious, have you ever done something w/one of your original wc's in PS and THEN used that as a jumping off point for an actual watercolour?

    I've been experimenting with that.
    So far not with any degree of success (in my mind at any rate).

    I agree w/Linda. Your original watercolours are lovely!

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I am always amazed at how a simple filter can totally transform a piece of art. Great stuff, great watercolors. Thanks for the trashpo! xox

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    That final image is so dramatic. Great job!
    Stay inspired!

  5. Clever!... and I agree it is so much fun.

  6. Like the way you have added the textures, but the originals are great, too! Valerie

  7. Your originals are so wonderful, I don't think I would add a thing to them.

  8. I am like a little kid- I have to look at all the pictures then I go back and read the post. I am blown away by how the filters change your wonderful paintings!

  9. I love your original paintings. And I love all your edits! Hmm, I'm obviously going to have to spend the rest of my evening experimenting with sumi and posterize and ...

  10. WOW! How fun to see your playing with textures here.. Look great!



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