365 in 2013: #175-180; icad #27-29

Still moving forward with my 365 project.....

#175 - Obscured   (images from a great coffee table Map book, dress pattern, gifted paper)

#176 - Quilted Blues  - using only squares of reclaimed "clean up" paper towels or baby wipes - you know the painty, inky paper towels that I flattened and dried because they had pretty colors on them.  I now have stacks of them.

#177 - Baby Love   - (and ICAD #27) a piece of vintage wallpaper over a gelli print w/ magazine cutouts

#178 - Pucker    - (ICAD #28)  a good friend came across a few rolls of vintage, fragile wallpaper at a yard sale and thought of me. YAY!  Pink and black above and these browns below are wallpaper.  Background a ghost gelli print.

#179 - Rock On   - postcard bits, magazine pages, gelli print, gum box

#180 - Hidden Imaginings   - tree from magazine, wallpaper, misc papers from who knows where ;)

Still making collages, still having fun, still barely making a dent in all my stash of papers!

Sneak one more ICAD in here:  #29  on gelli background (my fave print so far), decorated envelope, washi, a bit of sparkly ribbon


Step by Step

I've been working on a couple of mixed media pieces - experimenting and feeling my way.  My goal was to get out of my comfort zone and add MORE layers, MORE interest, MORE depth ..... I've certainly done that but haven't reached a point I like yet.  Each layer has been to cover up something I don't like.  Here's some of the steps - I find that sometimes looking at a photo gives a different perspective than looking at the actual painting.
I started with random papers to get over the "blank canvas" issue on this 16x20 canvas.

Scraped on some paint with a credit card and used gesso through a stencil for some texture.

More colors, keeping bits of the stencil and an occasional book page text.

Time to calm it down a bit.....

Some brayer paint, stenciled book pages and a hunk of cardboard. Hmmmm....

Okay, okay, calm it down again.  Added some white glue pattern and some texture ground called ---- (the white parts)

Added some collage cutouts - again with the too bright.  Sigh.

And here's where I am now - change the orientation - do I like it better?  Definitely don't like the pink, but like the paint over it since it shows up all sorts of texture. Don't like that it's too halves, two different paintings so I have to find a way to integrate it  - time to knock it all back again?  Maybe it needs some black?  Will let you know when I figure it out :)


ICAD #23 - 26

My summer challenge of choice is to complete the 61 days of ICAD.....so far, so good.


Okay, I confess, I broke down and indulged my desire for a Gelli plate.  I've watched SO many of you play and create such beautiful results; I've watched giveaways and tutorials and videos; I've resisted, telling myself "you don't need another supply....you have things you haven't even used yet".  I looked at the online pricing, always plus shipping; I had it on  my Christmas wish list (to no avail).  So today I drove home by way of Daniel Smith and went in on the off chance......I told myself if they didn't have one, I'd put the wish back on the wish list.  Well, they had it.  I didn't resist.  I could hardly wait to get home.

I've made a number of pages now, trying this and that - it's SO much fun!  Why was I resisting again?  I'm sure my efforts will get more planned or successful (have a couple of 'duds' so far), but overall I just love the process.  Now what I'm going to do with this wealth of paper I'm not sure - you guys should start watching your mailboxes! :)

#25  - a little stitching and hand painted & gifted painted papers

#26  - practicing some lettering ideas for my next ALAW

Stay tuned......




I bet you all forgot about this....my ongoing efforts to work both on my lettering ideas/skills and experiment with simple bookmaking (not the betting kind!).  At a letter a week (ALAW), the first alphabet should be done by June....mine is just about done.  I had an idea for the book presentation when I started but I'm rethinking it....I think I need a more structured arrangement for these letters.

Here's the almost end of it (the page didn't quite fit on my scanner)

Since it's been so long, here's the first part of the alphabet.....

There's no color on these letters so I'm thinking the background needs to be something bold - maybe a gelli print???

The second alphabet for the year will somehow encompass the theme of 'peace'.  I'm working on an idea but haven't really developed the alphabet part yet.  I put this one off because I didn't have a brainstorm at the beginning of the year.....  If you have an interest in lettering, check out the range of creativity of other participants.....on fabric, stitched, on wood, photography, etc.  Whatever you want!  Visit ALAW here.

Will be sure to show you my book idea - as soon as I have one.


365 in 2013: #168 - 174

A week or two ago I mentioned that I would have to figure out a way to combine my collage efforts with the outdoors now that it's summer.  My brainstorm to get me outside to enjoy the brief quasi-sunny afternoon was to make temporary collages using my various found stuff from beachcombing, walks in the park, etc.

#168 - one more mail art  (one of my rediscovered treasures, an old multiplication flashcard from Karen)

#169 - The Grass is Greener  - it was challenging using the grass as a base...it's not very rigid and my well balanced pieces kept moving.....sticks, bark, rocks, a spotted leaf and 2 pink roses

#170 - Outside the Box   - sticks, rocks, shells, 3 rusty bits....and some grass

#171 - Living in Nature   to compensate for the wiggly grass, I tried using a piece of veneer for support - it's a natural product, right?  Those cool red leaves form the boundaries then it's moss, rocks, shells and barnacles, feathers

#172 - Sticks and a Rose

#173 - Leaf Stripes   - I moved to the deck for a bit more steadiness and also thought the wood peeking through might be interesting.  I have a huge broad leaf red stripey plant that needed a bit of a trim.  I thought it made an interesting pattern.

#174 -  Deck Work   - red plant leaf, sticks, rusty bits, rocks and shells - on the deck

This was totally fun.  I had stuff everywhere while I played with what went together, what could be used to make a line or add color. Here's a couple of close ups and process photos.

Yay - I'm still on track.....  
Also linked to Show and Tell Saturday over at Artists in Blogland. I usually forget to link over there but there are lots of lovely ladies who DO remember and share their art. Worth a visit.


icad #20-22

Here's the next few days of ICAD (index card a day).

#20  - this one took over an hour of doodling while I watched the NBA finals.

#21  - this one took about 5 minutes using scraps after cleaning off my work table!

#22 - who doesn't love a good stripe?

Tomorrow I'll have this week's collage efforts for the 365 collages.....


ICAD 17-19

Here's a few days of ICAD playing.  I'm sure you're seeing ICAD participants all over the web.....Join in for the fun.....

#17 - quick and simple today....almost done helping edit Dan's book so will have more time this week

#18 - smooshed some purple paint but it was too much so smeared it on another card for tomorrow's background - my handmade foam stamps are pretty light here .... don't know if it's the stamp or my ink pads are drying out....

#19 - here's the purple smoosh from yesterday, a light flower stamp and stamped numbers
Stay tuned....

a great book

I bought something from Amazon and needed a little more to reach my $25 for free shipping so of course I went to my trusty wish list.  I ordered Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard.  Can I just say how much I enjoyed this book?? :)  I devoured it last weekend and have gone back through the pages again.

In addition to their two styles being so different yet so complementary, the text is just filled with information and encouragement.  They talk and illustrate working with a simple glaze, about many different ways to create the dreamy layered look that's so fabulous in mixed media, how to apply and work with texture and more.

The book takes you through developing a painting from the beginning canvas (or paper or whatever) prep right through constructing layers, building a structure, adding texture, using color to emphasize and so much more. It's spiral bound so it lays nice and flat to keep beside you on the worktable as you try their ideas.

The next time you find yourself with a few extra dollars, or need to get to $25 at Amazon, or just want a beautiful, inspirational book for your art shelves, I highly recommend this book.

(No I don't know Chris or Julie, though I've seen their blog, nor do I know anyone related to this book - I just love it and you will too.)


365 in 2013: #159 - 167

Oh my gosh.....keeping track of how many collages I've done is harder than I thought. It's almost more work than actually making the collages!  I had to make myself a little calendar with the day # on it and then verify that with how many collages I've done.  Part of the difficulty is those pesky double duty items....mail art, ICAD, etc.  My 365 box doesn't exactly have the right number of collages in it.

Luckily though I have scanned every single one and labeled them, so I was able to straighten out my mess.  I'm happy to report I'm now accurate in my count AND I'm totally caught up!

Here goes:
#159 - Fall in Love  - I did a little art room clean up and rediscovered some fun papers gifted to me - these are thanks to Jo, Carlene and Lorinda plus some found text (a little nod to Randel Plowman's style)

#160 - Splash of Blue    (more Plowman influence)

#161 - A gift card front 5x7"

#162 - Another gift card front

#163 - Pointer   (ALSO ICAD #16 for today)

#164 - Sisters at the Beach  (mail art - the image is from a 1950s Readers' Digest I found at a yard sale)

#165 - Orangecicle    (mail art)

#166 - Pachyderm Party   (mail art, image from a napkin, twine, gifted paper bits from Jo)

#167 - One Step Closer   (mail art)  AND THAT CATCHES ME UP.....today is June 16, day 167!!!! :)

This path of creating 365 somethings.....whatever your little heart desires.....was started by Hanna at iHanna.  I've seen photos, faces, stitched collages, doodled critters, and more as people find what they enjoy or what they want to improve and commit to a year's worth of effort.  Whether we actually make 365 exactly isn't really the point.  The point is to keep motivated, to keep moving forward, to set aside time to be creative EVERY single day.  Well, it doesn't happen EVERY single day, but......the intention is there.  :)  Which of my collages appeals the most this time?