I bet you all forgot about this....my ongoing efforts to work both on my lettering ideas/skills and experiment with simple bookmaking (not the betting kind!).  At a letter a week (ALAW), the first alphabet should be done by June....mine is just about done.  I had an idea for the book presentation when I started but I'm rethinking it....I think I need a more structured arrangement for these letters.

Here's the almost end of it (the page didn't quite fit on my scanner)

Since it's been so long, here's the first part of the alphabet.....

There's no color on these letters so I'm thinking the background needs to be something bold - maybe a gelli print???

The second alphabet for the year will somehow encompass the theme of 'peace'.  I'm working on an idea but haven't really developed the alphabet part yet.  I put this one off because I didn't have a brainstorm at the beginning of the year.....  If you have an interest in lettering, check out the range of creativity of other participants.....on fabric, stitched, on wood, photography, etc.  Whatever you want!  Visit ALAW here.

Will be sure to show you my book idea - as soon as I have one.


  1. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Your lettering is so great.....I always hesitate with this because my handwriting is so bad I usually print and you in your profession have all that detail orientation I hate but make myself do.....Great job...xox

  2. I'm so glad you're keeping up on ALAW. you're lettering is always so beautiful. can't wait to see how you bind them!! xx


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