Step by Step

I've been working on a couple of mixed media pieces - experimenting and feeling my way.  My goal was to get out of my comfort zone and add MORE layers, MORE interest, MORE depth ..... I've certainly done that but haven't reached a point I like yet.  Each layer has been to cover up something I don't like.  Here's some of the steps - I find that sometimes looking at a photo gives a different perspective than looking at the actual painting.
I started with random papers to get over the "blank canvas" issue on this 16x20 canvas.

Scraped on some paint with a credit card and used gesso through a stencil for some texture.

More colors, keeping bits of the stencil and an occasional book page text.

Time to calm it down a bit.....

Some brayer paint, stenciled book pages and a hunk of cardboard. Hmmmm....

Okay, okay, calm it down again.  Added some white glue pattern and some texture ground called ---- (the white parts)

Added some collage cutouts - again with the too bright.  Sigh.

And here's where I am now - change the orientation - do I like it better?  Definitely don't like the pink, but like the paint over it since it shows up all sorts of texture. Don't like that it's too halves, two different paintings so I have to find a way to integrate it  - time to knock it all back again?  Maybe it needs some black?  Will let you know when I figure it out :)


  1. Love that layering...but I think the third last image is the one I lean towards. Not that I'm right...just a personal choice.

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Love this layering and color and playfullness, love rotating work and finding the way I like it....Marvie. xox


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