ICAD #23 - 26

My summer challenge of choice is to complete the 61 days of ICAD.....so far, so good.


Okay, I confess, I broke down and indulged my desire for a Gelli plate.  I've watched SO many of you play and create such beautiful results; I've watched giveaways and tutorials and videos; I've resisted, telling myself "you don't need another supply....you have things you haven't even used yet".  I looked at the online pricing, always plus shipping; I had it on  my Christmas wish list (to no avail).  So today I drove home by way of Daniel Smith and went in on the off chance......I told myself if they didn't have one, I'd put the wish back on the wish list.  Well, they had it.  I didn't resist.  I could hardly wait to get home.

I've made a number of pages now, trying this and that - it's SO much fun!  Why was I resisting again?  I'm sure my efforts will get more planned or successful (have a couple of 'duds' so far), but overall I just love the process.  Now what I'm going to do with this wealth of paper I'm not sure - you guys should start watching your mailboxes! :)

#25  - a little stitching and hand painted & gifted painted papers

#26  - practicing some lettering ideas for my next ALAW

Stay tuned......


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Stitching goodies, love it!!!!! And the browns, nice. xox

  2. Goodonya Terrie. It's still on my wishlist...but the time is fast approaching when I will just have to buy one. Love your lettering.

  3. it really does live up to the hype in terms of fun and satisfaction and creative potential.

  4. wow!! such a treat to catch up with all your posts!! so glad you turned me on to Feedly which is far more polite than Google Reader for holding onto things I've NOT read... YET!!

    this was sheer pleasure, reading I think 8 posts?! anyhow, your work always inspires and gives my brain ideas!!

    oh, and I LOVE my wee Gelli. it is great fun. good for YOU!!! enJOY!

  5. another one bites the dust. i may be the last hold out on the gelli plate--and only because my desk isn't big enough! otherwise i'd be in there like a dirty shirt!! i hope you have great fun with it and love what you've produced so far!! xx


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