365 in 2013: #159 - 167

Oh my gosh.....keeping track of how many collages I've done is harder than I thought. It's almost more work than actually making the collages!  I had to make myself a little calendar with the day # on it and then verify that with how many collages I've done.  Part of the difficulty is those pesky double duty items....mail art, ICAD, etc.  My 365 box doesn't exactly have the right number of collages in it.

Luckily though I have scanned every single one and labeled them, so I was able to straighten out my mess.  I'm happy to report I'm now accurate in my count AND I'm totally caught up!

Here goes:
#159 - Fall in Love  - I did a little art room clean up and rediscovered some fun papers gifted to me - these are thanks to Jo, Carlene and Lorinda plus some found text (a little nod to Randel Plowman's style)

#160 - Splash of Blue    (more Plowman influence)

#161 - A gift card front 5x7"

#162 - Another gift card front

#163 - Pointer   (ALSO ICAD #16 for today)

#164 - Sisters at the Beach  (mail art - the image is from a 1950s Readers' Digest I found at a yard sale)

#165 - Orangecicle    (mail art)

#166 - Pachyderm Party   (mail art, image from a napkin, twine, gifted paper bits from Jo)

#167 - One Step Closer   (mail art)  AND THAT CATCHES ME UP.....today is June 16, day 167!!!! :)

This path of creating 365 somethings.....whatever your little heart desires.....was started by Hanna at iHanna.  I've seen photos, faces, stitched collages, doodled critters, and more as people find what they enjoy or what they want to improve and commit to a year's worth of effort.  Whether we actually make 365 exactly isn't really the point.  The point is to keep motivated, to keep moving forward, to set aside time to be creative EVERY single day.  Well, it doesn't happen EVERY single day, but......the intention is there.  :)  Which of my collages appeals the most this time?


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Another great selection. I like your Randall Plowman style work and pointer...yummy! xox

  2. Tough choices - they are all wonderful! My top 3 are Sisters at the beach, Create, and Pachyderm...but really all of them are great.

  3. congrats on catching up! I'm almost there - last night I hit #161.
    "Pointer" and "splash of blue" are my faves.

  4. Wow...that's a lot of creativity Terrie...and hard work! ;D
    I'd find it difficult to pick a favourite one.
    I just can't imagine committing to such a project...I'd probably faulter at around #5!
    Well done you :D
    Have a great week xoxo

  5. Nice to see my paper in one of your fab collages Terrie. Hope some are destined for the International Collage Exchange next year.

  6. Love your "fall in love". The flow of the text is wonderful. I'm having a hard time keeping track too. I've got numbers written, scribbled out, and re-written all over the backs of my collages. Yikes, if you're in the late 160s I have a lotta catching up to do! Glad you're keeping up!


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