365/3 - a new class

I'm starting a new Jane Davies online class - Keys to Dynamic Composition.  Here's my first week:  simplifying compositional elements by limiting the color palette (monochromatic) and then working with collage in a grid format.


Started with a painted background and some painted papers as well as a couple scrapbook papers and some paint chip pieces.

I like the addition of the textured dark green.

These were all done on 9x12 papers.  An interesting start for the class......

Hope you have a really creative week!


class wrap up

Finished the 10-wk online art class with Jane Davies: 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper; 10 drawings a week for 10 weeks (drawing being a loose definition). Each week focused on a different technique and element of constructing a regular art practice, of creating works in a series, and of expanding mark-making and shape making art options. Though there were times I was overwhelmed, I learned lots, which is the whole point, right?

 Here's my stack of "finished work" - over 100 9x12 pieces.....

Above is separated into stacks for each of the 10 lessons. What a valuable class.  I highly recommend it - I think she's offering it again in the fall.....  Thanks Jane!


365/3 still painting

Last week was the last of the Jane Davies class 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper. The 'lesson' was to set our own parameters - basically design our own lesson.  The plan is to get us used to setting our own rules or guidelines when practice painting. It was actually harder than you might think.

My 'rules', or plan is to focus on shape and mark making - both things I wanted to practice. I decided to explore one shape (keep it simple) using marks, no marks, etc.  Behold.....the square (or maybe more accurately, anything square-like :))


These are some that I think are the most successful.  A great class, highly recommended.  If you get a chance, take it!  Thanks, Jane.


living with art

In another one of his genius community building ideas, Seth Apter has invited artists to share a picture of how they display or live with art in their homes.  I shared one of my paintings that's hanging in my dining room and it's part of his post on Thursday, Mar 12.  See how people live with their art.......................


365 -3

Jane Davies' class is keeping me busy and challenged.  This week it's all I got done.....

This week's class assignment was to create (on a 9x12 piece of her recommended "cheap drawing paper - see her blog) 10 drawing/paintings that were about 25% busy/active, 25% transition and 50% quiet.  Here's some of my efforts:  [ed:  I forgot to post this last week, so you get last week's efforts now]

#58 - 65
I started most of the paintings with a layer of collage, then layers and layers of paint/mark making, etc.

I had lots of practice this week using my layers and layers. Sometimes the collage stayed part of the finished pieces, sometimes less so.  Some of these quiet spaces need to be a bit more quiet or the busy needs to be bolder to be a stronger contrast, but that being said, this is the first week that some of the pieces feel somewhat finished.

Hope you're having a creative week!