class wrap up

Finished the 10-wk online art class with Jane Davies: 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper; 10 drawings a week for 10 weeks (drawing being a loose definition). Each week focused on a different technique and element of constructing a regular art practice, of creating works in a series, and of expanding mark-making and shape making art options. Though there were times I was overwhelmed, I learned lots, which is the whole point, right?

 Here's my stack of "finished work" - over 100 9x12 pieces.....

Above is separated into stacks for each of the 10 lessons. What a valuable class.  I highly recommend it - I think she's offering it again in the fall.....  Thanks Jane!


  1. Massive amount of work!...but what great reference...AND fodder for postcards etc.

  2. wonderlicious, Terrie!!! I have loved seeing your progress and reading your posts though I so rarely comment. Jane Davies is a really great teacher. I've NOT taken her courses, but I have enJOYed her voice in the chorus as I sometimes envision my "art friends and connections online." she reminds me of a teacher I had in FL, and then I realised she did so BEcause she was so willing to share herself in a way that encourages others.
    Your work and the consistency of your Practise, which is so evident in it always astonish, amaze, and amuse,
    So so very glad our paths crossed. Thanks for all you've shared and the difference you have made just BEing yourself.


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