365/3 still painting

Last week was the last of the Jane Davies class 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper. The 'lesson' was to set our own parameters - basically design our own lesson.  The plan is to get us used to setting our own rules or guidelines when practice painting. It was actually harder than you might think.

My 'rules', or plan is to focus on shape and mark making - both things I wanted to practice. I decided to explore one shape (keep it simple) using marks, no marks, etc.  Behold.....the square (or maybe more accurately, anything square-like :))


These are some that I think are the most successful.  A great class, highly recommended.  If you get a chance, take it!  Thanks, Jane.


  1. Wonderful! My favorites are the last two.

  2. Anonymous6:59 AM

    More yummy goodness. Adore #2...and that red at the beginning. xox

  3. Great work Terrie...LOVE #4. Are you doing the challenge. I decided I would but am only doing four pieces. Two exploration on paper.and two more abstract on canvas. Am up to the last one.

  4. Mmm, love that first one!


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