on hiatus

I realized I haven't posted anything here since the end of August. I've still been joining the Seattle Urban Sketcher group every month and sketching in between. But, I find that trying to keep up with too many social media sources just takes too much time.

I also realized I spend much more time on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. So, for now, that's where you'll find my artistic efforts (and an occasional personal note or photo). I may return to my blog at some point, but for now, please follow me or friend me at one of the other social media sites.

I still read all my favorite blogs so for those of you who blog but don't appear on Instagram or FB, I'm enjoying your art and sharing via your blogs.



  1. This is exactly what happened to my poor blog. IG is sooo much quicker and does the same thing.

  2. My blog is going by the wayside too....no time these days. How come you get busier as you get older? Or is it that it takes you twice as long to do anything?


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