february hearts

One of the ways I thought of to help me focus (word of the year for me this year) my direction is to select a personal motif for each month.  Whether I work in my journal, mail art, or an external challenge, I'm going to try to incorporate my personal motif - this month HEARTS (big surprise, right?)  I'm hoping that by limiting my focus on the MANY directions I can go, it will help me really explore a topic/motif in all the media I enjoy.

I started a little early and used hearts for my International P/C Swap sponsored by Shannon.

Stitching, practice my lettering, stencils and stamps, heart cut from cardboard.  - I had one extra so it's going to Featuring Magazine in their call for mail art (read more here). You have a few days longer to get one in the mail if you'd like to participate.

Three heart tags for the IA swap using foil on the background, paint, washi, cardboard hearts.


365 collages

I had a slight set back this week as I recovered from the flu, but I did get a few done toward my goal of 365 collages this year (inspired by Hanna).

I started by making two collages on 4x6 index cards using ONLY little scraps from my box of miscellaneous leftover tiny scraps. I set myself the 'rule' I could only change the size of one per collage (fudged it a little) - I started with the pile below.

This is what I was left with....the larger pieces and two collages I actually kinda like.

 The next few were worked in my Restraint journal.

the 'base' collage on the file folder
 I decided I need a more organized place to keep my incoming mail art so I can make sure I return mail to everyone so I collaged the front on my pocket file folder in a "landscape" using magazine only paper (ala Lorinda).

This gets me through #21 though the date is the 28. A little catching up to do.........


mail bag

This has been another delightfully surprising week for me and my mail box.  Here's what I've received:

Through MMSA, Carroll in VT on the left, Karen on the right.

Perfect stitching all over this card from BonnieJeanne on left and an old book cover p/c from Andria on right.

These two are from the International P/C Swap - Laurie sent the sparkly top card and Colleen sent the one with the face drawing.  Thanks so much ladies.

Neesie in AU sent these two note cards with her amazingly detailed doodled art.  Talk about elevating a term - this is so much more than a doodle but I don't have the right word!  Thanks so much Neesie.
Finally, I received this wonderful print of a life drawing done by Jo Murray (another Aussie buddy), altered very slightly in her own inimitable way.  Title Body Piercings.  Lovely, right? :)

I can't thank you all enough.  One of the greatest pleasures I have as a result of starting this blog is joining the mail art community.  It's such a wonderfully energizing, sharing, supportive, creative group!  I love receiving bits of your art and staying in touch with new friends all over the world.  Thanks!


ALAW book done

My second alphabet book is finally done.....a few weeks late, but, done!  Quick refresher, the brief was to make each letter of a 3x3" square and then present in a display format.  The idea is to make one letter per week, finishing the year with two completed alphabet projects.  I'm using the ALAW project as a way to reinforce and practice my lettering skills AND to begin learning bookmaking.

This second book centers around my photography (flowers) and the lettering.....  The pages are 140lb watercolor paper with colors washed randomly on the pages.

my first stitched book binding - discovered how critical it is to measure accurately for the holes!

 oops...kinda fuzzy.

multiple flower photos in each pocket; flower names starting with the letter make the background

yes, I don't have any "U" flowers - something to work on! 

There are both things I love about the book and things I would change and many things I learned for future book efforts.  I like that I fiddled and tweaked when I encountered a problem and figured out something to do without starting over.


mail call

It's time to share some of the amazing mail I've received recently. I have to say, I just love the feeling of anticipation as I head to the mail box each day.  Is there going to be a beautifully decorated envelope, a pretty postcard?  There's always a slight let down if I don't have any snail mail that day, but it's only momentary because the anticipation the next day is just as high.  I just love the mail now!

Here's who's been in touch.....
This stitched wonder from Jenna. - my first from Shannon's International Postcard Swap.

Simple and graphic from Carlene at TaylorMaide (the back is a map stitched to the front!)

This beautifully layered card is from a new mail buddy, Kathy, who found me on Pinterest.

This card and shimmery ATC arrived from Leslie.

Another card from the International Swap - Lauren had her son Anthony help out!

Last, but not least, this happy card arrived from Nydia - those yellow stars sparkle!

Thanks to everyone!  
I played catch up last weekend and sent out tons of postcards, so hopefully you have yours in the mail soon.   Here's what I made - over 20 cards!

 Let's keep those mailboxes happy! :)

foggy seattle

Jenn at Just Add Water Silly (hope you're feeling better!) is continuing to host her popular Artists Playroom weekly theme that she introduces on Mondays.  It often takes me most of the week to come up with an idea and actually make something.... this week is no exception.  This week's theme is:  local weather.  In spite of the hint of spring in my digi art daffodil from earlier in the week, it's nothing like spring here.  This week has been gray, gray, gray, fog filled days - yesterday and today the fog never lifted so the sky is a monotone dull gray....not even the pretty wispy white fog.

My quick journal page is gray and obscuring the house and tree (pretty funny house, huh?  it's torn book pages & the tree top is from a napkin) .....welcome to Seattle in the winter.

Smooshy and gray....kinda like what's outside my window. :)

Then, to counteract all the gray, I had to get a bright page started......

Starting with a few brush-cleaning swipes, stencils, paper from friends (thanks Karen), etc. I've got this background started.... I love its vibrancy after the subdued tones of the first page.

What's the weather where you live?  I know my Aussie buddies are fighting the heat of summer and my Canadian buddies are cold and snowy.....I guess I should be glad I'm somewhere in between.


PAF: entrance

I haven't participated in Photo Art Friday in months and months.  I love working on digital art but it all just takes so much time.  And now since I haven't done it in so long I've forgotten many of the techniques that I'd figured out and liked.  But, I want to edge back in now and then so I don't totally forget everything.

Bonnie at Pixel Dust Studio hosts a Friday (open Thurs nites for links) roundup where you can share your photo art efforts.  She offers a weekly theme if you want, but you're encouraged to share whatever you've been working on.  This week's theme:  Entrances/Exits.  My submission:  Enter Spring with a quote by AA Milne.

My photo of a snowy daffodil is blended with Bonnie's Blank Page texture.  It might be a bit premature to hint at spring, but I'm employing a little wishful thinking.....  :)

IA: things I love

In honor of fast approaching Valentine's Day, Inspiration Avenue is celebrating a little early and this week's prompt is to make a digital collage of some type referencing what I love.

I decided to show more than romantic love - my life is full of things I love to do and people I love ...... these are just what quickly came to mind.  There's still time to join in the IA fun.....use your own images or find royalty free images online (flickr has lots).  Have fun!


365 collages #11-15

Keeping up with my "365 somethings" challenge.  Here's what I've put together the last few days.

super quick & easy, collage of washi tape :)  is that officially a collage?  well, it works for me!

repetition of shape cut from my zillion color filed magazine pages

background is one of my clean up paper towels, the snapdragon is on vellum over the price list strip

working monochromatically - I find this really challenging to make it interesting and not just a jumble

another one - oooo, too busy for me - used my punches to cut circles and squares - this one's my least fave

What have you been working on?