mail bag

This has been another delightfully surprising week for me and my mail box.  Here's what I've received:

Through MMSA, Carroll in VT on the left, Karen on the right.

Perfect stitching all over this card from BonnieJeanne on left and an old book cover p/c from Andria on right.

These two are from the International P/C Swap - Laurie sent the sparkly top card and Colleen sent the one with the face drawing.  Thanks so much ladies.

Neesie in AU sent these two note cards with her amazingly detailed doodled art.  Talk about elevating a term - this is so much more than a doodle but I don't have the right word!  Thanks so much Neesie.
Finally, I received this wonderful print of a life drawing done by Jo Murray (another Aussie buddy), altered very slightly in her own inimitable way.  Title Body Piercings.  Lovely, right? :)

I can't thank you all enough.  One of the greatest pleasures I have as a result of starting this blog is joining the mail art community.  It's such a wonderfully energizing, sharing, supportive, creative group!  I love receiving bits of your art and staying in touch with new friends all over the world.  Thanks!


  1. You received such a lovely bounty of art this week! I'm glad my stitched postcard traveled well. And thank you for reading, and commenting on, my blog :)

  2. So inspiring... love seeing "mail art". :]
    Thank you for sharing, Terrie.
    I think the last one is very cool, very visual... expressed wonderfully!
    Happy Saturday! ~xx

  3. lovely, lovely mail. and I know what you mean - when I started my blog I had no idea how many people I would meet through the mail. here's to friendship!

  4. Nessie does excellent zentangling art! Love all your art cards! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Is Jo fantastic, or what?!

    I think your generosity is contagious. These are great and getting mail unexpectedly can really make a big difference in our self-love, our inspiration, and our motivation to create more!

  6. Wow, you received some fantastic pieces Terrie! Thanks for sharing all of your love xx

  7. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Goodies abound.....Fantastic arrivals. I got one from the lovely PostMuse too, aren't they swell? xox

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  9. Thanks for the lovely link Terrie...you do get some wonderful mail.


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