february hearts

One of the ways I thought of to help me focus (word of the year for me this year) my direction is to select a personal motif for each month.  Whether I work in my journal, mail art, or an external challenge, I'm going to try to incorporate my personal motif - this month HEARTS (big surprise, right?)  I'm hoping that by limiting my focus on the MANY directions I can go, it will help me really explore a topic/motif in all the media I enjoy.

I started a little early and used hearts for my International P/C Swap sponsored by Shannon.

Stitching, practice my lettering, stencils and stamps, heart cut from cardboard.  - I had one extra so it's going to Featuring Magazine in their call for mail art (read more here). You have a few days longer to get one in the mail if you'd like to participate.

Three heart tags for the IA swap using foil on the background, paint, washi, cardboard hearts.


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I like to see my signature phrase catching on ;)!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Your postcard arrived today in a gray foggy Michigan. Made my mail carrier happy as well as the mailbox and me. Love your style and the sentiment. I am a big fan of corrugated cardboard and use it in my artwork as much as possible. I also love printing with bubble wrap. So, looks like we are buddies for life because we have so much in common. If you get a chance , check out my blog http://bethbynumartist.blogspot.com

    Really enjoyed looking at your many art posts. Beth

  3. WHAT FUN!!
    Look at these hearts created from corrugated cardboard, yippee!! :]
    Great postcards & tags, Terrie.
    Stay "focused"... you are doing great! ~xx

  4. A great idea to focus on one word a month and make it work on whatever challenge you are working on at the moment....I really like what you did with the heart in some many different forms....especially the corrugated heart...

    I really enjoy your blog; I love creative journaling but not doing much at the present moment. Life is offering it's own challenges right now....

  5. Anonymous9:49 AM

    How great are these post cards and tags...love your corrugated hearts....xox

  6. Very beautiful tags! :)

  7. you have been soooo busy... I have a busy week or so and don't get to visit and things go mad with creativity in your neck of the woods... send a bit of it over my way if you have a minute... focus is a scary scary word to me... but you will handle it with your normal grace I am sure...xx

  8. Using the corrugated paper for the hearts is genius.


  9. I love the idea of sticking to a motif. A great way to truly explore an idea. Perhaps I'll have to find me a motif or two... xx


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