foggy seattle

Jenn at Just Add Water Silly (hope you're feeling better!) is continuing to host her popular Artists Playroom weekly theme that she introduces on Mondays.  It often takes me most of the week to come up with an idea and actually make something.... this week is no exception.  This week's theme is:  local weather.  In spite of the hint of spring in my digi art daffodil from earlier in the week, it's nothing like spring here.  This week has been gray, gray, gray, fog filled days - yesterday and today the fog never lifted so the sky is a monotone dull gray....not even the pretty wispy white fog.

My quick journal page is gray and obscuring the house and tree (pretty funny house, huh?  it's torn book pages & the tree top is from a napkin) .....welcome to Seattle in the winter.

Smooshy and gray....kinda like what's outside my window. :)

Then, to counteract all the gray, I had to get a bright page started......

Starting with a few brush-cleaning swipes, stencils, paper from friends (thanks Karen), etc. I've got this background started.... I love its vibrancy after the subdued tones of the first page.

What's the weather where you live?  I know my Aussie buddies are fighting the heat of summer and my Canadian buddies are cold and snowy.....I guess I should be glad I'm somewhere in between.


  1. This is wonderful Terrie. I love the stylised house. We don't get fog very often at all and at the moment it's snowing, but have just had a few days of hard frost :0) Mo

  2. hehehe, I love that you counteracted the "grey" day with some bright. your weather art is lovely, and I get the whole misty moisty feeling about the house being obscured. Great job Terri. Thanks for participating.

  3. I really like your page and napkin house covered in fog and the delightful tree design, too. That second page actually gives off a warm feeling. Have some hot chocolate! :)

  4. you just have so much fun!!!

  5. You captured the gloomy feeling of bad wether days in your first page. The colors and patterns in your second page are just spectacular.visiting from APR!

  6. Anonymous3:55 AM

    You are posting so often I can't keep up. Nice foggy card. Hope you get a bit of sun soon, but it is your rainy season there right? xox

  7. You captured our grey wet coast weather perfectly. We didn't even get the romantic softness of fog last week--just grey. Bleh. Thanks for the follow up of bright colour. I like the contrasting black and white with it. xx

  8. Such fun & creative pieces, Terrie! :]
    Very inspiring... indeed. ~xx


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