messy art room

Seth Apter , The Altered Page, has given us all the opportunity to share our REAL art spaces.  Not cleaned up and photo-spread ready, but the way it looks when you're in a creative frenzy.

Here's my table space - it's a reclaimed door so 8' long by 3' wide.  This, unfortunately, is what it usually looks like.  My vision for this big table was that on the left by the window is all my stamping and collage stuff and on the right (near side) where all the paper is stacked, would be my painting station.  Well, I barely have enough room to make a postcard and NO room to paint!

This stack of paper (on the right side of the table) is probably 3" tall......oh my goodness I wonder what treasures are buried there?

Behind me while standing at my table is this controlled mess of paper.   I keep trying to find ways to organize it and keep it close to hand, but....well.....it gets messy.  But it IS a place to stack....and stack....and stack!

This card table is my 'sewing station' - fabric, fabric sample books, some deli paper and ribbons....all waiting for a project.

What a fun idea Seth had - I'm going to try to make plenty of time to visit lots of other art rooms....can't wait to see yours!


chelan grapes

Wordless Wednesday

week 37 for 365/2 (part 2)

Aug 8-14

#254 - I've been working on this off and on for a while and am finally liking the direction it's going.  It needed collage! :) And I'm liking the color contrast/use.

#255 - 257 - I've been playing major catch up in my inspiration or restraint journal (as originally inspired by Hanna at ihanna)  I can't believe how many inspiration pics I'd accumulated to put into the journal. Sheesh!

I've been looking for ways to incorporate my photos with my mixed media & so have collected a few inspiration images to get me started. (above)

Usually I use table bits and pieces to collage with my inspiration photos, but this time I used all washi - I have so much and decided it was time to USE it!

I use these restraint/inspiration journals to inspire (obviously) but also as a reminder - of something I want to try or a direction I want to go.  Sometimes I'll have a start to a painting or a card or a digital project, but get stuck.  A flip through these inspiration journals (I'm on my 3rd) often helps me resolve my lack of direction.

Stay creative - do something different this week.....try a new technique, bring something outside and make something inside.....have a blast with your art!

week 37 of 365/2

Aug 8-14

#250 - further work on my canvas.....couldn't figure out where to take it and then realized what it needs.....collage!  Now I have an idea of where to go next.

#251 - gelli printing for a swap

#252 - documented life week 36, black and white theme

#253 - sometimes my creative activity is prep work for a project.  I'm committed to making a few journals as Christmas gifts and so am getting started.  I began by pulling some of my stash of scrapbook papers and cutting.....I decided on a 6x9 size and have 4 journals to make.  Lots to do but this is a beginning.

Also this week, I went to the annual library overstock book sale.  I love that sale!  I spent 2 hours and $44 and came away with 42 books.  I have novels, non-fiction travel essays, art books, a couple to cut up for collage, and a few for gifts - a fabulous couple of hours.  I got there after it had been open about 45 minutes and there were over 1000 people there already.  I have a couple familiar authors, but most are ones I don't know and books I've never heard of.....I just picked up things that sounded different and interesting.

AND - our little local beach (Seahurst) is open again after the removal of the sea wall that took all summer, so of course Dan and I had to go spend some time.  We went after work Friday and didn't have much time because it was almost high tide....you can see we're losing our beach!


pinterest love: DIY for home

I have been periodically sharing some of my favorite images and links from my pinterest boards.  Previously I've shared Art: Stripes, Art: Circles, Art: Floral, Art: Dimensional, and Art: Figures.  I'm going to shake it up this time and NOT share an art board.......how about some DIY ideas for around the home?

From my DIY for the Home board:

This is the most genius thing I have seen in a while!! Totally uses that dead space in the closet and keeps it really easily accessible..
A clever idea to store wrapping paper in the dead space of a closet.  The post has 10 more excellent holiday storage ideas.

Turquoise coffee...love this. You can spray paint coffee any color you like and use it for filler in candle holders and dishes.
No credit on this one - it's from Tumbler.  You can spray paint coffee beans any color to use a vase or candle holder filler and match your decor (and smell good).

Life Without Expectations:  Use a 12x12 piece of tile from the home improvement store, back with felt and enjoy an unusual placemat.

I love simple, graphic pillow designs; use felt to make the design and hand or machine stitch to a cover.....go whimsical (Corinne, your new home surely needs one of these funky pillows) or classic.

...felt..   Felt & stitching (no link)

  Quilted pillow cover, but would be super easy in felt.  SewKateyDid pillow

Birds on a Wire felt embroidery pillow- so cute and easy to make!
Bird on a Wire pillow by Sweet C's Designs - simple felt bird shape (or whatever shape you like - how about a leaf or pod shape?)

stitch or stamp it - anniv gift?  Stamped, stitched, painted?  On linen, burlap?  And, unfortunately, no link.

Just look at this fun chair!  A makeover with spray paint and a stencil or lace.  RoadKillRescue

a tree branch in three frames art  A fun, bring-the-outside-in art project.  No link.

jewelry holder with drawer pulls  Make a jewelry holder with door hardware.  The Berry

My latest decoupage project. I bought vintage stools and made them a matched set.
A great way to add pizzazz to a stool top - who doesn't love a good collage?!  Tumbler

Enlarge an old envelope in your grandmother's handwriting
Frame an enlarged photo of an old envelope (maybe your mom or grandma's handwriting?)  no link

I have 140 more projects pinned.  I noticed that a lot more of these DIY pins don't have live links or lead to blocked links.  Hmmmm.  Visit me on Pinterest to see what else I've found around the web.

an invitation

Seth Apter is extending an invitation:

From The Altered Page

"Join me (Seth) on Thursday, September 18, as we celebrate the studio table: uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt.

So many times when we are presented with images of artist studios, they are pristine - almost as if nothing goes on in the space..... Let's go behind the curtain, throw any feelings of shame (or embarrassment) out the window, and show the world the underside of art and craft.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

To participate you simply must take a picture of your work table in its full glory - that is to say, its most messy state and share it on Sept 18."

Click through here and leave a comment on his blog letting him know you're going to participate, then post on the 18th.  He's going to list all of us so we can vicariously visit all these fabulous working creative spaces.

Can't wait to see your space on the 18th!


wordless wednesday

As a one-time only explanation, I have been enjoying Carlene's (Taylor Maide) Wordless Wednesdays for months and intending to participate, but keep forgetting..... Inspired by Right Brain Planner, it's an opportunity to share photos of whatever floats your boat......