week 37 for 365/2 (part 2)

Aug 8-14

#254 - I've been working on this off and on for a while and am finally liking the direction it's going.  It needed collage! :) And I'm liking the color contrast/use.

#255 - 257 - I've been playing major catch up in my inspiration or restraint journal (as originally inspired by Hanna at ihanna)  I can't believe how many inspiration pics I'd accumulated to put into the journal. Sheesh!

I've been looking for ways to incorporate my photos with my mixed media & so have collected a few inspiration images to get me started. (above)

Usually I use table bits and pieces to collage with my inspiration photos, but this time I used all washi - I have so much and decided it was time to USE it!

I use these restraint/inspiration journals to inspire (obviously) but also as a reminder - of something I want to try or a direction I want to go.  Sometimes I'll have a start to a painting or a card or a digital project, but get stuck.  A flip through these inspiration journals (I'm on my 3rd) often helps me resolve my lack of direction.

Stay creative - do something different this week.....try a new technique, bring something outside and make something inside.....have a blast with your art!

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