A little celebration is in order - just a tiny one - and a bit of reflection. This is my 650th post!  I had no idea..... I looked it up and my first post was 4/20/11.  My oh my how time flies....

I really want to take just a minute to be grateful.  Grateful for all the great friends I've made, the encouragement and support this fabulous group of artistic people share day after day, week after week.  Grateful for advice and tips shared, jokes and smiles shared, projects and inspiration shared.  Notice anything in common there?  SHARE.  What a terrific group you are.

I know plenty of people read this and never leave a comment.  I know because I do that with many blogs myself.  I absorb their techniques, their color combos, their fabulousness, but often don't let them know.  It's time consuming to comment on every blog you read, right?  We can barely make the time to read them all, let alone comment.  We all get it.  But.  Every once in a while, when particularly moved by a comment or image, a brief comment is much appreciated (by all of us!) and I really try to let someone know when they've reached me.

Though I've been creative my whole life, I really never tried my hand at anything "artsy" or with paints or drawing.  Ever.  I had convinced myself I wasn't an artist.  However, thanks to my friend Bobi who encouraged me to join my first-ever art challenge in January 2011, I've discovered I can be an artist.  Who knew??

My art has progressed over the last few years - I think.  I try more, I play more, I try to ignore my inner critic more.  365 challenges have kept me moving forward and on track.  Challenges by Karen at Mail Me Some Art, Tammy at Daisy Yellow, Hanna at ihanna and so many more keep me interested and trying to improve and expand my art.  Isn't this fun?!

I'm so glad to know you all!

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