spotted color: red

Hanna is hosting her second month of "spotted photos" and encourages us to wander back through our bazillion photos and find something in common.  This month it's color.....do you seem drawn to one particular color or another?  Or can you at least find a few with a color in common?  For me, red.

Gear sculpture at a Seattle park

Bell tower by my local botanical garden

Church door Shelbourne, VT

And how could I share the joys of red without a few flower pics?


dahlia from our garden

Balboa garden, San Diego

from our garden - yum!

Prayer cards at the Great Wall of China

red vase, a gift from my sister

classic car show in Kingman, AZ

some valve thing on the side of a building

wall & bench, Cozumel, Mexico

Are you tired of red yet?  Okay, just one more......

red & dressed for a party!

What repeating color is lurking in your photo stash?  Join in & link to Hanna.

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