messy art room

Seth Apter , The Altered Page, has given us all the opportunity to share our REAL art spaces.  Not cleaned up and photo-spread ready, but the way it looks when you're in a creative frenzy.

Here's my table space - it's a reclaimed door so 8' long by 3' wide.  This, unfortunately, is what it usually looks like.  My vision for this big table was that on the left by the window is all my stamping and collage stuff and on the right (near side) where all the paper is stacked, would be my painting station.  Well, I barely have enough room to make a postcard and NO room to paint!

This stack of paper (on the right side of the table) is probably 3" tall......oh my goodness I wonder what treasures are buried there?

Behind me while standing at my table is this controlled mess of paper.   I keep trying to find ways to organize it and keep it close to hand, but....well.....it gets messy.  But it IS a place to stack....and stack....and stack!

This card table is my 'sewing station' - fabric, fabric sample books, some deli paper and ribbons....all waiting for a project.

What a fun idea Seth had - I'm going to try to make plenty of time to visit lots of other art rooms....can't wait to see yours!

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