week 37 of 365/2

Aug 8-14

#250 - further work on my canvas.....couldn't figure out where to take it and then realized what it needs.....collage!  Now I have an idea of where to go next.

#251 - gelli printing for a swap

#252 - documented life week 36, black and white theme

#253 - sometimes my creative activity is prep work for a project.  I'm committed to making a few journals as Christmas gifts and so am getting started.  I began by pulling some of my stash of scrapbook papers and cutting.....I decided on a 6x9 size and have 4 journals to make.  Lots to do but this is a beginning.

Also this week, I went to the annual library overstock book sale.  I love that sale!  I spent 2 hours and $44 and came away with 42 books.  I have novels, non-fiction travel essays, art books, a couple to cut up for collage, and a few for gifts - a fabulous couple of hours.  I got there after it had been open about 45 minutes and there were over 1000 people there already.  I have a couple familiar authors, but most are ones I don't know and books I've never heard of.....I just picked up things that sounded different and interesting.

AND - our little local beach (Seahurst) is open again after the removal of the sea wall that took all summer, so of course Dan and I had to go spend some time.  We went after work Friday and didn't have much time because it was almost high tide....you can see we're losing our beach!

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