week 36 for 365/2

Sept 1-7

#244 - As I'm sitting here watching a baseball game, I feel compelled to try my hand at my rusty digital skills.  And I made a simple haiku (my first!)

Here's the original image before textures and adjustments....

#245 - trying my hand at some sketching - the weather was too pretty to spend time in my messy art room so I headed out to the deck.  Inktense pencils for color.....

#246 - still sketching - this time out front, looking at a neighbor's house.  (Dan said it looks like the house but with crooked walls!  I said, it's a sketch not an architectural rendering - good answer, right?? :))

#247 - still layering and working on a couple of mixed media pieces....I added some modeling paste to this (the circles in the lower left and across the top).  I'm keeping progress photos so when it's done, I'll post them all in some sort of order - this is where I am now.

#248 - another mix media piece - this one is kinda a hot mess right now, but I see corners of potential.  The scribble lines are made using fluid acrylic paint in a squirt bottle (learned about it in a Jane Davies video and it's fun to use) (sorry couldn't find the exact video)

The scribble lines were made with this fineline squirt bottle.

Filled this marker with shiny copper - another new tool as recommended by Jane.

#249 - I finally broke down and bought ONE fashion magazine so I could come up with some funky silhouettes so I'm tracing & cutting & you'll see them in my art journal (ala Dina Wakley again....still finding inspiration in her book).

Hope you find time to be creative this week!

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