365 in 2013: #133 - 141

Here we go again ..... a few more collages.  I pulled out my Collage Lab book by Bee Shay to try some fresh approaches so these next efforts are as a result of randomly opening the Lab book and interpreting the lesson.

#133 - One More     (one more from veneer, not the book)

#134 - Graphics  - the Lab lesson was to make an initial composition using solid, geometric shapes then use the composition as a template for a collage using images. See the similarities between these two? The bird pic is a photo I took.

#135 - Graphics II -    here's the image interpretation of my template above; both of these were made on the cardboard from a Pepsi box and randomly painted

#136 - Garden Delight   - Lab #12 was to use tinted gesso to obscure part of the background (I used a vintage botanical print) and then add only a few collage elements

#137 - Texture Galore  - Lab #5 is about working with cardboard; cutting it, tearing it, making different shapes and then layering those elements - this one was fun.

#138 - Geometry   - no more Lab collages for now; just playing with shapes

#139 - Butterfly Dance  - napkin, paper towel that I cleaned brushes on, gifted painted papers on a lavender cardstock base (with a butterfly from wrapping paper).

#140 -  Triangles   - long and skinny cardboard covered with some of my nicer paper bits

#141 -  Sitting Alone   - Lots of thick textured papers and a bird cutout

After all the collages I posted this week, I'm still not caught up!  This is through 141 and if I were on target I'd be showing you #151.  But, only 10 behind.....I'll catch up soon, I just feel it!  Though this weekend is a busy one, I'll try to find time to make a few.

Teaser:  I started a mixed media piece last weekend too and have been working on it a little at a time.....it's interesting watching it develop.  I'm trying to make layers and layers of color, pattern, interest.  My tendency is to stop after 3 or 4 layers and think it's enough so I develop the 'top' layer or finished piece.  I'm going for 8-10 layers this time....I want to be drawn into the picture and be able to see all that wonderful depth.  It doesn't come naturally, but I'm going to persevere!  First photos to come soon.....


365 in 2013: #125 - 132

I work at a custom wood shop where we make custom cabinets and millwork, tables, desks, etc.  One of the benefits is I have is access to some cool wood scraps - I pick up veneer scraps of various woods all the time so thought I'd make a few of my 365 collages from veneer (plus they're for a cool swap Karen is hosting over at MMSA.....make your postcard using NO paper! - read about here and join in - you have til June 17)

#125 - Wood Postcard  - made of veneer for the MMSA 'no paper' collage postcard theme

#126 - Veneer Postcard #2

#127 - Veneer Postcard #3

#128 - Charmed  (made exclusively from a paper swap with Lorinda and Karen)

#129 - First Class (another using Lorinda & Karen papers - and I still have more!)

#130 - Passive in Purple  (I'm a big fan of purple and I love working on black) 5.5" x 5.5"

#131 - Stitched Scraps  - These next two were fun...I used my 5" square black cardstock and then just pulled random pieces out of my small scrap bin, stitching as I went along......no planning, little cutting, just building as I stitched.  Fun!

#132 - Aussie Stitches

Thanks for sticking with me as I play catch up - more coming soon.....it's been a busy weekend!


365 in 2013: #115 - #124

Catch up time for some of my 365 collages - I fell a bit behind with vacations and other interruptions, but I'm working to get back on track!  I'm determined to make all 365 this year!

#115 - Spring Flowers (for a postcard swap)

#116 - A Red Flower (postcard swap) all tissue paper

#117 - Point the Way

#118 - All Taped Up    - lots of washi tape on a page of music

#119 -  Red Flower

#120 - Going Home   - bird printed on vellum so the layers underneath show a bit

#121 - Map Your Way (made on a piece of map w/ scrapbook paper & napkin pieces)

#122 - Go for a Walk    - made w/ pieces of vacation maps

#123 - Orange    - postcard swap

#124 - Orange #2   - postcard swap

What are you making?


some mail art

Dan's gone this weekend (to the Indy 500) and I'm home alone for a long weekend.  Yahoo - no-guilt art time!  A couple first priorities are catching up on some major stacks of mail art (thanks for being patient everyone), catching up on my 365 collages (there will likely be some overlap), and working on the next couple MMSA themes.  Whew - that'll be lots of glue and paint slinging goin' on......

I have received and sent some great cards in April and May ....

Outgoing for Hanna's swap

A stack of outgoing - did you get one?  If not, you're on the list! :)

Received such a delightful pile but I doubled up in the photos so it wouldn't take as much space - and I've likely missed some, but this is a good representation of all the mailbox goodness I've received.  If you'd like to see some of this amazing art in your mailbox, join a swap or two (MMSA is a great place to start) or just mail to me and I'll always mail back (maybe not the next day, but soon!).

 From Lorinda, Currie and Judith

 From Asluld, Jeanne and Bonnie Jeanne

From Andria, Emily, and Bonnie Jeanne

 From:  Candace, Julie, Sophie, and Hanna

 From Madelene, Natasha and Leslie

From Brooke, Karen M and Nancy

From Robyn and Honi and the beautiful envelope that it arrived in (those are real ferns!)

Some of these are from swaps, some of them are from ongoing mail buddies and a few are new people who found my name/address on MMSA or somewhere.  MMSA has a tab where you can enter your name and address so you can receive something other than bills in your mailbox.  Join in!


busy, busy

I haven't forgotten my blog, my blogging buddies, or my art - I've just been busy.  Since returning from vacation, we jetted off for a weekend in Reno to celebrate Dan's mom's 90th birthday with family.  Then, the most time consuming thing.....I'm editing a book Dan has written.  It's a management book that he intends to self-publish and we want it to be as well written as possible.  I'm now on my second edit and think I probably have one more read through to go.  It's very time consuming and I'm finding I miss my art, miss my connection to the art world and miss blogging......but, I'll be back! :)  Soon, I hope.

The only art making I've done recently is some postcards to send out in response to some beauties I've received.  And I don't even have time this morning to post them.  sigh.

Dan will be out of town this upcoming long weekend and I can't wait to sneak some time away from the editing and reacquaint myself with my art room!

Here are a couple pics I took in Reno......


365 in 2013: #108 - 114

In spite of the absolutely gorgeous sunny weekend here in Seattle, I made some time to stay indoors and make a dent in my collage goal.

#108 - Circles on Black  - just working on remnant solids I pulled out of my stack....this piece is 4x11"

 #109 - R You Ready?   I like working with the torn edge solids.....

#110 - Meeting Point  - the bird is a photo I took then printed on vellum; think it's probably a bit dark on the dark brown background, but that's the solid I pulled out, so there you go.....

#111 - Stem Green  - Pulled out this paint chip sample, a Benjamin Moore color named Stem Green

#112 - Sticks   -  using up some of that solid card stock

#113 - Flight   - I had a pile of tissue paper on the floor from another project so the next couple use only tissue papers and matte medium

#114 - Spring Fling

Hope you're all enjoying springy weather in your part of the country - or pretty fall weather for my down under buddies :)