365 in 2013: #125 - 132

I work at a custom wood shop where we make custom cabinets and millwork, tables, desks, etc.  One of the benefits is I have is access to some cool wood scraps - I pick up veneer scraps of various woods all the time so thought I'd make a few of my 365 collages from veneer (plus they're for a cool swap Karen is hosting over at MMSA.....make your postcard using NO paper! - read about here and join in - you have til June 17)

#125 - Wood Postcard  - made of veneer for the MMSA 'no paper' collage postcard theme

#126 - Veneer Postcard #2

#127 - Veneer Postcard #3

#128 - Charmed  (made exclusively from a paper swap with Lorinda and Karen)

#129 - First Class (another using Lorinda & Karen papers - and I still have more!)

#130 - Passive in Purple  (I'm a big fan of purple and I love working on black) 5.5" x 5.5"

#131 - Stitched Scraps  - These next two were fun...I used my 5" square black cardstock and then just pulled random pieces out of my small scrap bin, stitching as I went along......no planning, little cutting, just building as I stitched.  Fun!

#132 - Aussie Stitches

Thanks for sticking with me as I play catch up - more coming soon.....it's been a busy weekend!


  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Simply marvelous, the wood post cards, what a great idea. Some of those veneer bits are quite beautiful...love those stitched scraps too....I am thinking on the not paper swap and what I will use.....xox

  2. The wood veneer postcards are great! And being that we're both fans of purple you know I love the purple postcard, too. Fun stuff!!

  3. I can't wait to see those wood postcards in person - they are gorgeous!

  4. You WORK as well!!!!!...HOw do you fit it all in?


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