365 in 2013: #108 - 114

In spite of the absolutely gorgeous sunny weekend here in Seattle, I made some time to stay indoors and make a dent in my collage goal.

#108 - Circles on Black  - just working on remnant solids I pulled out of my stack....this piece is 4x11"

 #109 - R You Ready?   I like working with the torn edge solids.....

#110 - Meeting Point  - the bird is a photo I took then printed on vellum; think it's probably a bit dark on the dark brown background, but that's the solid I pulled out, so there you go.....

#111 - Stem Green  - Pulled out this paint chip sample, a Benjamin Moore color named Stem Green

#112 - Sticks   -  using up some of that solid card stock

#113 - Flight   - I had a pile of tissue paper on the floor from another project so the next couple use only tissue papers and matte medium

#114 - Spring Fling

Hope you're all enjoying springy weather in your part of the country - or pretty fall weather for my down under buddies :)


  1. Wow!!
    These are wonderful Terrie... I can really see your " growth" in your collage work. :)

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I like working with torn edges anytime, so much more meat there to play with. Terrific compositions. xox

  3. Terrie, it is such fun to see what you are up to!!!
    I've been on a collaging giraffes run for nearing a week and I just canNOT get enough of it!! really love just playing with paper!!
    you've got some very intriguing collages here. thanks for sharing!

  4. Terrie, I love these. I love that long one. I love the tissue paper one! I have so many tissue paper bits! What a great idea.
    I love the Duck on the brown. I think it tells a story. And the green one!


  5. You are going like a steam train Terrie...you wont have any probs finishing this project.

  6. ooh yeah! love that long skinny black one.

  7. Hi Terrie,
    Thank you so much for my "surprise" possibilities postcard. It is beautiful and just made my day. Thank you for thinking of me. I always learn something new when I browse your blog. Your art is inspiring. Ellen

  8. Wow, I really enjoyed each of these Terrie! The compositions are wonderful. I love that you've used up some scrap solids--you ended up with some fabulous sizes and dimensions. I couldn't pick a favourite.... xx

  9. Hi...yes, it's finally spring here. Love all these collages. They are very inspiring...thank you!

  10. I hadn't seen your new artistic venture. I like it!


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