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Here it is after midnight, I can't sleep, my sister is sleeping across from my art room so I don't want to go in there and maybe wake her, so computer time it is.  Thought I'd be productive and share more Pinterest love from my boards......I keep reminding myself that not everyone partakes of the time consuming pleasure that is Pinterest and so I'll occasionally share some of my favorite pins here.  Want to see more?  Check out my boards here.

Last week was about stripes, so how about checking out some cool circles this time?

Circles dina wakley 01

Christopher Balder

Hundertwasser artist

karen margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor
She does AMAZING work!

Hoops, Stephanie Kubo
Hoops by Stephanie Kubo  - of course I have to include some doodled circles.

what a great color study.....no artist name but found here.

so simple but so cool and distinctive.

Katy Sabatier
Katy Sabatier  (love her style!)

Charlotte Cornish

So there you have it - 10 of my 110 circle art pins.  Aren't you inspired with what you can do with just a simple shape?  Go out and make circle art!  I will if you will! :)

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