week 28 for 365/2 (part 1)

July 7-13

#188 - a little digital playing with one of my photos - see yesterday for more examples.....

#189 - Documented Life week 26 - a favorite book or bible quote. As much as I read, my brain doesn't work in a way to remember quotes - sometimes I'm lucky to remember what the book is about! :) So I trolled the internet for some quotes that spoke to me from an author I've read extensively.....Stephen King.

#190 - Documented life week 27  - use a bit of crossword puzzle, soduku, etc.  I made a collage and instead of the usual datebook on the left, I did the "currently" list. The purple spray from the other side leaked through - another "oops"!

Now I'm back on track with Documented Life - I'll share my ICADs later in the week.....

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