week 29 for 365/2 (part 1)

July 14-20

#195 - ICAD #40, 41 - acrylics, stamps; inktense "stitches", lettering

#196 - ICAD #42, 43 simple do-in-front-of-the-TV cards.....micron & watercolor pencils

#197 - MMSA favorite city postcards- I cut up a visitor map for Barcelona as my base and added one of my photos for the sightseeing place on the map.  Top one is Parc Guell designed by Gaudi, well known for his architecture and love of mosaic.  This is a mosaic bench back in the park - so very cool!  Next one lower is Sagrada Familia, the famous church he designed that's STILL under construction and is an amazing vision.  Next down is another Gaudi designed building and finally a closeup of some tile on a museum column.
Though I live in Seattle and absolutely love it and would recommend you all come visit it, as a traveler, Barcelona is far and away my favorite city - I love the striking architecture, the food, the colors, the vibrancy of the city and the ease of finding your way around.  If you ever get a chance to go, GO!

A few of my pics from our visits (we've been twice) and unfortunately, photos before we owned a digital camera, so these are scanned in.

I'm on the mosaic wavy benches in Parc Guell, designed by Gaudi.  It's an amazing park, full of surprises and color.  (my hair wasn't always white! :)

A couple of the spires from Sagrada Familia.  It's the most unusual church design....odd and kind of creepy in some ways, but amazing for it's originality and design vision.....

Barcelona architecture.....
I'll be interested to see what other cities get chosen for this MMSA theme.....be sure and check out the upcoming themes - Karen keeps us challenged and it's always so much fun to get the postcards in the mail.

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