pinterest love: dimensional art

As a self-admitted pinterest addict, here's a peek at some of the pins I've accumulated.  Here are a few from my Dimensional Art board.

15 plastic bags,sewn together with gestures of joy. Ines Seidel
Ines Seidel - made from 15 stitched together plastic bags.  Her blog is filled with delightful stitched paper constructions.
Asian Scroll . Donna Watson
I've been a long time fan of Donna Watson's wonderful style.

Captured Magic - fabric, rocks, stitches
Stitching, fabric, felt stones, etc. by Sharon McCartney.

Calendar (by Diane L Wright)
"Calendar" by Diane L Wright

gwendolyn plunkett  Box covered with various papers, wax, paint rags, and twine with burned-in holes.
Gwendolyn Plunkett

Protector's Three-01 by Brian Somers
I love the idea of adding rocks and sticks and natural elements to a canvas.  Brian Somers.

STICKS, wrapped, painted, hollowed - what a textural delight
Wrapped sticks - LOVE this idea.... Bridget Hoff

weaving with scraps
A really fun idea - collaged weaving....will have to give it a try.  Laugh, Paint, Create

You can see more things on my Pinterest board......so much fun to be had!

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