I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

My goodness, how time flies when I'm not blogging! I went camping for 4 days, came back and got totally lazy about posting.  I'm still making art - well, making little creative things - some ICAD, some other stuff, but just haven't been motivated to scan/photo and post.

I'll get back to it soon, I promise.......

Here's a couple camping pics..... we go every year with 2 other couples and go somewhere new every year - usually in WA, but sometimes down to Oregon.  This year we headed to Penrose State Park on the Kitsap peninsula.

Our campsite was nestled in the trees, away from the hustle and bustle and kids in the other part of the campground.

Playing cards and drinks all around - til the ranger came and asked us to pay attention to the 10pm quiet time....were we really THAT loud????

Sunny and hot - we played croquet down by the beach.

We invented a game...think we named it bottle-kay.  We had 2 beer bottles about 40' apart and we had to hit the bottle, get down the 'field' and knock the other one over - repeat, to win. Of course, hitting another ball along the way gave you an extra shot. I had the dubious honor of being the only one to actually break a bottle.... We played about a million games of that!

I found hearts on our hike.....

There's an 'asemic writing' theme for MMSA postcards, so I was explaining what it meant to everyone.  During our hike, Dan noticed this tree stump and called me over and proudly said, "look at this example of asemic writing"!  That's my guy!

What fun thing have you done this summer?

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