color palette play

One of the things I see fairly regularly around the web are these great color palettes created from an image by pulling out a selection of colors from the image.  I thought I'd give it a try.....

Here's one created from a piece of my art:

By the way, here's the whole piece of art in its current (real) iteration - still definitely a work in progress, but I like this isolated section.  I digitally changed the color palette and added the lettering to a cropped section of the 12x12 painting.

From a photo of mine (macro of dahlias):

And here's one more...... (love rusty old cars - as long as they're not parked in my neighborhood!)

I found that using the PSE color picker there are a zillion colors to pull out of an image and finding a combination that looks good together isn't always easy.  Then where to place them in the strips below so they show to best advantage also takes a bit of work. Think I'll revise my template a bit and put a bit of border around the strips so they have something to contrast against. 

I'm claiming this digital series as my #187 in my 365/2 project.  Because I can.

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