Still catching up on posting my efforts the last couple weeks......

#238 - Jane Davies sent out notification of a new online class and one of the phrases caught my eye so I made a sign to hang in my art room to remind me.  (I like how this turned out) She wrote, "There's no pressure to make Finished Art" - I love that!  I need to produce more, practice more, play more, just make more art without listening to my inner critic.  14x17"

#239 - a collage in my art journal.....

#240 - 243 - I had some random pieces of novelty paper on my desk so I added one more patterned piece and decided to make a series using only these 4 papers - a yellow nubby paper, a dull brown (where did I ever get this ugly piece?), a shiny copper (looks red in the scan), a white floral in relief and the patterned piece I pulled out of a "save it" drawer.  9x7"

Unfortunately the shimmery copper doesn't show up well in the scan but it adds a delicious element to each of these collages. I used cut strips in each, I worked to contrast rigid, cut shapes with torn, organic shapes, texture with flat, etc.  The first collage uses all cut pieces and the one below uses only torn pieces.

Whew - if you stuck with me the last few days, thanks!  That catches me up - Aug 31 is day #243 of the year! Only 109 days left.  My, that's an eye-opener......  Must be time to start thinking about Christmas gifts - what can I make?????

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