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More catch up on what I've been doing with my 365 project lately......

#230 - a journal page ala Dina Wakley.  I got her book Art Journal Freedom from the library.  Though I follow her blog and would recognize her style anywhere, I found her book intriguing and inspiring and a good reminder on the use of color and white space.

#231 - working on a couple of canvases and waiting for the modeling paste to dry.

#232 - I've done a few pages in my art journal lately - still influenced by Dina - I added a photo that I used as the inspiration for the canvas above with the modeling circles.

#233 - another journal page where I scraped white over the scribbly, messy background (cuz I hated it!)

#234 - another random, unappealing pair of pages.....I'll probably go back and paint over these too - once I get inspired.....

#235 & #236 - more lettering play on my index cards

#237 -  Inspired by Dina Wakley's book, I spent some time mindlessly cutting shapes from some of my gelli prints.  Then I spent a half hour at the sewing machine til I ran out of black thread....... You'll be seeing these little puppies showing up here, there, and everywhere!

On this American holiday Monday, hope you're having some quality time with your family OR with your art room!  :)  Make your week a creative one!

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