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Hanna has a great idea (one of many good ideas! - sorry I forgot to link to you earlier!) - periodically she trolls back through her photos and "spots", notices themes or similarities in style in her photos.  Over the next few months she's encouraging us to do the same - follow her monthly theme and see what's lurking in your photo stacks.  I keep, sort, and tag my photos in PSE so here are a few of my favorite animal photos.  Thanks for the encouragement excuse to share some of my pics!

Taken in St. Augustine, FL, this peacock is going all out to impress the lady - wonder if it worked?

Hiking along a river in Oregon we managed pictures of a number of critters and birds......

 Dan feeding deer that came right up to our condo deck while vacationing in Oregon.

Our cat, Tigger.

And to wrap up my animal round up, here's one I took of my mother-in-law with her horse a few years ago.

Take a minute and scour through your images......what are some of your favorite animal pics?

Oh, had to share just one more; it is summertime after all!

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