week 31 for 365/2 (part 2)

July 28 - Aug 3

I loved participating in ICAD again this year (my 3rd year) and though I fell behind a couple times, I really wanted to finish so made the time to catch up.  The other sort of on-going project I started this year is Documented Life Project (DLP) and that one I have a bit more trouble staying on top of.  I've just never been much for daily journal writing so I've been trying to simplify it and just follow the prompts....it kinda works but I quickly and easily fall behind.

I think the last time I showed you a DLP page was week 28 so here's 29.  The theme for the week was "wish" - I have a couple of wishes scribbled in my circles - the main wish around this house is for Dan to find work.....he's been unemployed for over 2 years and though we'd love to retire, the funds just aren't there yet.  So - we need a job......if you hear of something, let me know! :)  I kinda like my circle theme (we're goin' round in circles!) and my date buttons turned out pretty cool. Colored in with inktense pencils.

Here's DLP for week 30 - theme here is to make a smash page of items gathered from the week.  Well I kinda sorta know what a smash book page is - basically a collage.  So I hung onto receipts and miscellaneous stuff and made a quick and messy collage:
I have receipts from Barnes & Noble and Chico's where I found a great bargain, we were camping at the beginning of the week so bits from the park brochure and price stickers from my yard sale the following weekend.......

I liked working in the ICAD format quite a bit for quick experimenting - my cards were 4x6 (plus that's the perfect postcard size when done!), so I've come up with a plan to work on my lettering.  I'm going to continue to use the index cards and see how many ways I can write "art". I hesitate to put a timeframe on it - that's a bit restrictive with my other commitments so it'll just be an ongoing project.......  First efforts:

Hope you're having a dynamite week and just enjoying the hell out of your summer (or whatever season you're in).

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