pinterest recognition: floral art

Continuing my exploration of my own Pinterest boards, this time I thought I'd share from my Art: Flowers board.... I absolutely adore a gorgeous flower.  I was a florist for 5-6 years and I found joy and pleasure working with the colors and textures of flowers and greens through the various seasons.  I'm somewhat stunted in my ability to draw more than a simple daisy-type shape, but I can sure admire those who do it so beautifully......

Georgia Okeefe
What exploration of floral art wouldn't start off with Georgia O'Keefe?  A genius!

Don Rankin
Poppies (Study) #4 
Don Rankin

by nebo peklo
Nebo Peklo on Flickr

exploded flower: art project
Exploded flower from Focus on Fiber

Iceland Poppies by Ann Mortimer
Poppies on Redbubble    OR

Poppies on Blue by Patty Baker

Dina Wakley (dinastamps.typepad.com)
Dina Wakley

Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson, artist  gallery.mac.com
great collage/paint flowers by Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson

Thanks for browsing - hope you found something inspirational.  You can visit my boards on Pinterest here.

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