major catch up

Aug 11-17
Oh my - when I opened this to edit and saw this date......well - I'm a little behind.  Somehow I haven't been motivated to blog, but I have been puttering at staying creative and working on my 365 days of creativity.....It'll take a few posts to catch up, but there's no better place to start than where I left off:

#223 - worked on a bit of my fanciful lettering to send off my gelli print swap pieces.....obscured her address but it was a bit artsy too. It's on a manila envelope, consequently the yellow background.

#224 - worked some doodles in my documented life journal so I could try out all the new Inktense colors I got.  I do love those pencils!

Played a bit with blending the colors and will definitely do that more - loved the results.....

#225 - spent time updating my Documented Life journal - week 32; use a fortune cookie.  I made up a couple cookie fortunes for myself.....

Detail of journal page

#226 - DLP week 33: use some of your under-painting-paper (I have lots!)

#227 - DLP week 34: use numbers from your week - I wanted to use my calligraphy pen and that ink bleeds through so I added this yellow hand made paper and stenciled over it

#228 - DLP week 35: add a pocket - my pocket of hope has a tag with my biggest hopes for this year written on the back.  I didn't notice the circle quote has a scrap laying on it, obscuring part of the quote - it says:  Put your troubles in a bubble and blow them away. Dharma & Greg

#229 - DLP week 36:  draw, doodle, alter a face  - oh my, my doodled face makes me look a bit devilish!  :)

And that catches me up to the current week of DLP.......more artsy endeavors coming soon.

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