365/3 - classwork

This week's work is again all for my class w/ Jane Davies ..... only have one more lesson.  What a challenging journey this has been!  This week's lesson is to create pieces that are 80% monochromatic, but interesting, with 20% "something different" - either in color, technique, whatever.  These are all 9x12 on Dick Blick 'cheap paper' (80 lb)

#66-73 - I'll just share a few of the more successful efforts:
Transformed a blue/green background into this gold one with marks in graphite and some collage added.

This piece started with a blue/purple background (you can see remnants of the purple here and there) with a bright bit of collage as the 'something different'.

I quite like the interesting blue monochrome here - lots of value shifts and shapes created over collage. I don't think the black 'focal point' is successful....it's a bit too strong. Maybe I should have made 2-3 smaller black shapes instead of this single one..... ?

I like the composition and line work though it might be a bit bland.

This is one of my favorites.  I like the interest in the background and the 'something different' is interesting too.....what do you think?

Hope you have a very creative week!


  1. Wonderful results Terrie. I don't think that #4 is 'bland' at all. The construction of the design and the little peep of pink gives it plenty of interest. I love the strength of line and simplicity of #5. In #3 that black could have dragged you out, but your red line has kept you in the image. Bet you're pleased with yourself.

  2. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Landscape and architecture called to me. xox

  3. Another good batch of paintings. Think I like the 4th one best.


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