365 in 2013: #144 - 153

Most of my collages this week are double duty pieces so far.  My mail art "respond" pile is getting a little out of control, so some of my collages are going in the mail.  My restraint journal (thanks to Hanna for the idea) inspiration pieces were REALLY piled up so I had a marathon morning of making lots of simple collages - some of which I really liked.  I keep reminding myself that collage doesn't necessarily mean that every square inch of the substrate is covered......

#144 - So Much Better

Did you ever read the Griffin and Sabine books?  Remember the story was told in a series of correspondence? I came across 2 of the books at a yard sale and picked them up with the intention of using them as collage fodder. I'd forgotten how beautiful the books are!  Lots of images and words and envelopes and a treasure trove of fun stuff that you'll be seeing show up in my pieces.  #145 and 147 are using pieces from the books.

#145 - Handmade Postcards

#146 - Harold Hummingbird

#147 - Griffin & Sabine

#148 - restraint journal page (inspiration photos from online)

#149 - restraint journal

 #150 - restraint journal

 #151 - restraint journal

#152 - restraint journal - art image from a home decor magazine room, tissue paper, washi

#153 - restraint journal;  Donna Downey painting for inspiration

Still not caught up, but I'm working on it.......How's your 365 project shaping up?


  1. go, Terrie, go! I always love seeing what's in your restraint journal.

  2. You really are powering along Terrie...good for you.

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    wow these are great Terrie....I know what you mean about that big pile of mail to respond to.....one of these days. xox

  4. lots of different collages, looking good!
    i am a bit behind but trying to catch up every day.

  5. Ooh, not sure i could bring myself to use a Griffin and Sabine book. You're a stronger woman than I am!! And have the wonderful collages to show for it!


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