365 in 2013: #175-180; icad #27-29

Still moving forward with my 365 project.....

#175 - Obscured   (images from a great coffee table Map book, dress pattern, gifted paper)

#176 - Quilted Blues  - using only squares of reclaimed "clean up" paper towels or baby wipes - you know the painty, inky paper towels that I flattened and dried because they had pretty colors on them.  I now have stacks of them.

#177 - Baby Love   - (and ICAD #27) a piece of vintage wallpaper over a gelli print w/ magazine cutouts

#178 - Pucker    - (ICAD #28)  a good friend came across a few rolls of vintage, fragile wallpaper at a yard sale and thought of me. YAY!  Pink and black above and these browns below are wallpaper.  Background a ghost gelli print.

#179 - Rock On   - postcard bits, magazine pages, gelli print, gum box

#180 - Hidden Imaginings   - tree from magazine, wallpaper, misc papers from who knows where ;)

Still making collages, still having fun, still barely making a dent in all my stash of papers!

Sneak one more ICAD in here:  #29  on gelli background (my fave print so far), decorated envelope, washi, a bit of sparkly ribbon


  1. Another fabulous collection Terrie! I'm glad I'm not the only one to saved used (art) baby wipes and paper towel. Just used one yesterday! It's a good friend that buys you vintage wall paper....great patterns. Keep up the wonderful work. We're officially half way there as of today!! xx

  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh....you are going from strength to strength. Delighted to see some of my paper peeking out there.

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Oh I love obscured and pure joy....I see from the weather you are hot - how unusual for you all. Enjoy the brief summer heat. xox


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