early gelli efforts

I mentioned that I broke down and bought a Gelli plate - oh my is it ever addicting!  Just what I need, another addiction! :)

I'm in the early learning phase of using the plate and I seem to get more prints that I don't like than ones I do like.  But....I love the process and the surprise of seeing what I'm going to get.  Inspiration from Corrine, Carolyn and Jane provide make me want to make more, more, more!

Here's a few of my beginning efforts:

I've tried prints on plain drawing paper, watercolor paper, lightweight chipboard (pop boxes) with varying success.
This is an interesting result and worth more exploration.  I laid heavy string down first with a red base and then overprinted with the blue/green combo.  

This is my first 'directed' efforts where I tried to be aware of where things were being placed - moderate success.  - the paper is actually white watercolor paper so you can tell the photo distorted the colors a bit, but you get the idea.....

I'm linking to Carolyn's July Gelli Party!  Woo hoo......


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    The bug has hit and now you won't stop......marvelous play time don't you think? xox

  2. Isn't it fun??? You have some beauties here. I have been using cheap tracing paper and have liked the results.

  3. Ha ha ha you succumbed!! I am resisting still but I have nothing but admiration for most of the prints I've seen flying around on the blogosphere. Your prints are gorgeous sweetie and I'm sure even the ones you are not so keen on will be put to good use at some point.
    Huge hugs x

  4. It's good not to be alone in my addiction :) Your prints came out great. I particularly like the one in the last photo. The imagery has an air of mystery to it. Glad you're having fun! -Terri

  5. This looks great! Well done. Suzanne

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Yay! Great to see you at the party. i keep dropping in and dropping off prints. lol Also received your nice surprise mail art today. Thanks :).
    Stay inspired!

  7. love that string one!
    have you been to Linda Germain's site?
    love her work, and lots of good tips and tutorials and inspiration

  8. I'm glad you're having such fun. I love the layers and shapes that you're creating and they're all so distinctively Terrie. I'd recognize your lovely touch anywhere!! xx

  9. You've inspired me...I BOUGHT ONE...at last. All I need is time now.

  10. Congratulations on jumping into the world of Gelli printing! Your prints are so full of great color, pattern, and layers! So glad you shared this with the party!

  11. You got some great prints! I know--very addicting :)


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