365 in 2013: collages #192-

Today I completed a few collages for my 365 project.

#192 - Dahliance - all papers from my bits and pieces basket on my work table.

#193 - Iced Drinks -  this one is a postcard going out soon

#194 - Flight Lines - envelope & ephemera layer then pattern pieces & stamped tissue, butterfly on top

#195 - Pocket  - envelope pieces for background, pattern pieces layered then focal image.  After #194, I had the idea to manipulate the direction of the pattern lines and make a jumble of lines.....only partially successful here....

After my collages I worked on some upcoming MMSA swaps - there have been plenty of times where I mail my contributions on the very last day but not this time.  This time I'm working way ahead because I know I have a couple of busy weekends coming up.

Bookmark swap - mail deadline Jul 22
These are all on watercolor paper and have watercolor painting, gelli printing, doodling, etc.  I have quite a stash of gifted bookmarks so I'm looking forward to adding to that with this swap.

ZINE swap -  mail deadline Jul 29
This is the front and back cover of my little zine with a little digital magic.....if you want to see the pages, join the swap and maybe you'll get one.....

Fish postcard swap - mail deadline Jul 31
I found some postage stamps from Australia with great fish on them so created the digital mosaic background then added a bigger fish and a quote....

ATC with postal theme swap  - mail deadline Jul 29

You can read about all these and more open swaps at the Mail Me Some Art site - there's a Open Swaps tab at the top.

It's actually sunny and warm outside today so now that I've updated my progress think I'm headed outside for a bit of vitamin D. Hope you're all enjoying a delightful summer weekend.


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I can't keep up, you are rolling out the mail so fast......zines, great, atc's so fun, love flight lines. xox

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Do you ever sleep? Love those postal ATCs

  3. WOW. that's all I can say. amazing and abundant.

  4. "WOW!"
    You have been very productive, Terrie...
    everything looks great, INSPIRING indeed!! :]

  5. Oh, I've been so negligent on swaps lately. You are an art producing machine! That zine looks adorable!!! xx

  6. all of your amazing swap goodies are now in my hands. I was blown away as I took one beautiful thing after another out of that envelope.


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