ICAD #49-54 and some 365 collages

A quick catch up, art filled post.

ICAD #49

ICAD #50

365 collages #201 - Wanderlust  -I started with an atlas street map and collaged using some of the main streets as shape guidelines....

ICAD #51 AND 365 collage #202 - Summer Flowers

ICAD #52, AND 365 collage #203 -  Anything Goes I

ICAD #53, AND 365 collage #204 -  Anything Goes II  - these were fun though time consuming...I wonder if there's a larger version in my future....

ICAD #54 - inspired by Lorinda's stitched stripe 365 collages; hers were more elegant and monochromatic, but I wanted to use up these strips without planning too much - thanks for the idea Lorinda.

Beautiful weather here in Seattle for the last couple weeks - I mean, really beautiful!  It's been sunny and hovering around 80....can't get any better than that! Consequently it's been a little tough to spend time inside in my art room....I want to be outside enjoying our short summer.


  1. an innovative mix, lots of bright colour......i can tell it's summer over there, like your summer flowers!

  2. I would find it difficult to pick a favorite from these since I like them all. You're doing great with the ICADs and the 365 day challenge.

  3. I love all of these. You have such a variety. I especially like Days 52 and 53. I can see why they are time consuming. But I bet they could be made outside on your back patio and you could still enjoy the lovely weather.

  4. great idea for "wanderlust"- you've got my mind turning with ideas.
    the zig zag "anything goes" piece might be my favorite. I love the colors of the papers, and the precision of the design, and the use of the white space. lovely!

  5. I LOVE what you did with your strips Terrie! You created some beautiful patterns, something I was too lazy to try to do. I really enjoyed Wanderlust too and am glad you've pulled out your sewing machine! xx


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