painting frenzy

I really took advantage of low commitments this holiday weekend and spent lots of time in my art room.  I managed to finish (?) two mix media pieces.....

Branching Out, 12x12 on canvas

Time to rework this experimental mark-making canvas - out came the collage materials, brayer and a digitally altered photo I took of a tree.

A bit of black ink added that I discovered wasn't waterproof - oops.

The final image with all my layers and a tree added.
painting detail

Then, I showed a bunch of early versions of this large piece and I think it's done - at least for now.  I'm living with it on the wall for a while, just to make sure.

Here's where I left it last time - shapes ala Jane Davies though I didn't have my gelli plate then, these are just painted papers.

There are elements I like about this version, but I was really struggling with those shapes and what to do on the opposing side.  It feels like two separate paintings doesn't it?

Better with the yellow gone and some stenciling added, but still..............

What happens if I rotate the canvas?  Oh my gosh - a whole different feeling and suddenly my conflicts are gone and I really like this piece and so does Dan.  Hooray.

painting detail

So that's what I was up to over the weekend - collages, mail art, painting, reading and relaxing - a perfect weekend.  We even sneaked in a couple of movies - watched Promised Land with Matt Damon and The Sessions with Helen Hunt.  Whew!  Hope you all got the chance to satisfy your creative urges too!


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Well you certainly made time for some fab art. The altered tree with the tree is my favorite! xox

  2. Gorgeous work Terrie, Your tree piece is amazing.
    Huge hugs x

  3. You don't waste any time do you? Great layering. 'The Sessions' was a revelation... I had no idea how this sort of therapy worked.

  4. I'm so impressed by both of these pieces Terrie! Your tree is wonderfully done...they're always so difficult for me. Love the addition of one of your fabulous photos. But I really like your abstract piece. Funny how turning it makes such a difference. When creating abstract pieces I'll frequently ask Brett which direction works best!


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