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Guess I have to do this to "register" my blog with Bloglovin.  A friend said I have some freeze up issues and even though I'm using Feedly, I certainly want my blog to be easy to read no matter what reader you use. So if you're a Bloglovin user, I'm trying to fix the freeze problem......


  1. I am following you on there. I have found feedly to be too problematic so I am now only using bloglovin.

    I wish google reader would have left us all alone...........

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I have you on bloglovin have had, but I can't comment from there and come back out to do so. Maybe if you register officially I can comment.....xox

  3. Now that your comment is at the bottom of your page, it should be fixed....giving it a try right Now! xx

    1. Wahoo! It worked. No more freezing up bloglovin'. xoxo


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