ICAD comes to an end.....

I pronounce my second participation in ICAD (third year Tammy has hosted) a rousing success!  I completed all 61 cards and on time.  I tried new techniques, finally got my sewing machine out of mothballs to try the stitched collage look I've seen everywhere, played with monochromatic looks, vivid looks, vacation limitations and more.

Here at the end, I can say I've learned a little more about my style, my color preferences, and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole ICAD community - fearlessly and creative led by Tammy at Daisy Yellow. So, here goes.....my last week or so of cards.

I also doubled up on most of these and made collages so I could use them for my 365 collage challenge.  Now moving forward, my daily collages will be for me.....

#55  - magazine and flyer images and a little scrap of orange scrapbook paper

#56 AND 365collage #205  - Bunches More - gifted papers from Don, magazine pages, found text

#57 AND 365collage #206 - The City  - gifted black mulberry paper & city image, scrapbook paper, handmade & hand stamped papers

#58 AND 365collage #207 -  Clean it Up! - stamped space needle, gifted purple paper, gum box, washi

#59 AND 365collage #208 -  Ice Cream Party  - no I didn't eat 5 ice cream bars this week!  Well, maybe I did but in my defense, they were Weight Watchers (yum!) and I reused the sticks!  on a stamped background with washi trim

#60 AND 365collage #209 -  No Marriage Today  - scrapbook paper, found text & image, washi
#61 AND 365collage #210 - Wrap up!  - as it has often been the last couple months, scraps from my table!

Now we have to wait a whole year til it's time for ICAD.4 - I'll be eagerly awaiting next June!  Thanks again Tammy for all your hard work and thanks to all the participants who shared their work.....you're an inspiration.
Here's my ICAD mosaic for July (created at Big Huge Labs)


  1. Congrats. I didn't even attempt it this year, summer at the store is just too busy.
    I love No Marriage Today. She looks pushy, like she'd grab the next guy she saw and haul him off to city hall.
    Also like The City. Good job!

  2. These are absolutely fun! Love all the bright colors and mixed media. :)

  3. Well done Terrie...your collages are just sooooo great.

  4. your cards are great...you have a wonderful sense of design. they are all so fun!

    this has been a fun challenge, hasn't it?

  5. Holy cow. These look so incredible all together. You have done a fantastic job and met the challenge head on, too.

    Whether you know it or not, I have to admit, it was you who convinced me, with your collages, that you don't have to paint or doodle or sketch to participate in this challenge. For that, I am grateful. Thank you for giving me the courage to participate this year.

  6. Wonderful collages! My favourite is "the city". And I love the fact that you ate ice cream for the sake of your art! (Hmm, I'll have to remember that.)

  7. "the city" is my favorite of the bunch, too.

  8. I really love all of these but the ice cream sticks! just fabulous. May I 'borrow' your idea? Seeing all your cards together is really beautiful.

  9. What terrific collages! I love the things you've put together and the vibrant colors...the ice cream sticks made me smile!


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